Oct 6

Graduate Theses

Removal of heavy metals from mining wastewater by using prepared coco peat activated carbon as adsorbent / Keoduangchai Keokhamphui (LG 996 2011 E653 /K46)

Nonlinear static analysis of concrete bearing-wall type, low-rise single-family dwelling structures / Fernando J. Germar (LG 996 2011 E63 /G47)

Undergraduate Theses

Visible light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen production using Cu-doped SrTiO3 / Kristine R. Tolod (LG 995 2011 E65 /T65)

Optimal order policy for a two-stage newsvendor problem with forecast updates and order lead times / Federico Jose S. Rodriguez (LG 995 2011 E66 /R63)
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Jun 10

AJI : a web service security framework / A. Aclan, M. Mateo, M. Mendoza. (LG 993.5 2011 C65 A25)

A secure framework for shared online banking accounts / J. Del Mundo, E. Felizmenio, J. Ponferrada. (LG 993.5 2011 C65 D45)

BioLogin : a Java-based module on biometric authentication–an OpenMRS extension / O. Dela Peña, M. San Andres. (LG 993.5 2011 C65 D453)

Real-time audio encryption and processing / N. Baduel, J. Isidro, M. Tablang. (LG 993.5 2011 C65 B33)

UPLoad : virtualization and load balancing for highly-available UP web servers / R. Flores… [et. al]. (LG 993.5 2011 C65 F56)

CrowdMap : trust management for spatiotemporal data / Janelle M. Lagmay, Alvin V. Austria. (LG 993.5 2011 C65 L34)


May 27

Automating M-mode echocardiographic measurements for enhanced image analysis / Lynzle T. Baldelomar, Lester A. Nacu, Maria Charlene F. Reyes. (LG 993.5 2011 C65 B35 )

Himistu : embedded secure instant messaging feature for JET / Alvin Ian G. Del Rosario. (LG 993.5 2011 C65 D35)

Rainpour : an automated interpreter of variable precipitation forecast images / Samantha May Racho, Paul Rossener Regonia. (LG 993.5 2011 C65 R33)

A comparison between neural networks and support vector machine approaches in Tagalog part-of-speech tagging / Camille Dominique E. Reyes, Kevin Rainier S. Suba. (LG 993.5 2011 C65 R49)

TagaTRIS : a content-based Tagalog text readability indexing system using concept indexing with K-means algorithm / Michelle Louise S. Bosque, Rommel R. Ledesma, Hazel M. Loberas. (LG 993.5 2011 C65 B67)

Aug 5

Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence Laboratory

AdBot: Robust Advertisement Recognition from TV and Radio Broadcast/ Aljon Rey P. Aniban, Emmanuel B. Cagadas, Anna Mae C. Yap

[eCritic]: automated english essay grader for Philippine high schools using latent semantic analysis neural networks/ Angel Ruin L. Macabenta, Marie Angelyn T. Mercado, Karin D. Villegas

eESH: an extensible expert system for health/ Grace Anne Agustin, Anna Andrina Lobaton, Carlson Ngo

EMSys: an emotion monitoring system for call center agents/ Princess Florianne O. Boco, Kenneth R. Dela Cruz, Diana Karen B. Tercias

GABAY: isang gabay sa pag-aaral ng Filipino sign language/ Rona Riza M. Gumia, Katrina M. Manansala, Sarah Mae C. Rigodon

iQuery: a search engine for CNN news broadcasts using multimedia indexing and speech recognition/ Pauline Ann N. Pablo, Ariane Acena L. Santos, Joven J. Sebido.

ScorGe: score generation system for polyphonic piano performance/ Juvy A. Dela Rosa, Rabelais F. Medina, Jethro Emmanuelle F. Orencia