Feb 21


Energy Engineering  (Ph.D.)

A Comparative analysis of the fuel economy of public utility buses in Metro Manila using an output-spilt hybrid drivetrain versus other hybrid drivetrain configuration / Denoga, Gerald Jo C. (LG 996 2017 E65 D46)


Energy Engineering  (M.S.)

Integrating geographic information system (GIS) and multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) for site selection of solar PV power plant in the Philippines : case study in Cebu province/Aurora, Raymart G. (LG 995 2017 AE65 A97)

Multi-objective particle swarm optimization with crowding distance in the optimal design of hybrid renewable energy systemBautista, Izrael Zenar C (LG 995 2017 E65 B38)

ISLA : a renewable energy-diesel hybrid system design framework for island communities in the Philippines (an application in Banton Island, Romblon)Corpuz, Jayson G (LG 995 2017 E65 C67)

High-capacity ammonium tetravanadate (NH4V4O10) as non-aqueous magnesium-ion battery cathode materialEsparcia, Eugene A. Jr. (LG 995 2017 E65 E87)

Energy planning using multicriteria decision analysis and goal programming based on key decision makers’ objectives : the case of PalawanRodriguez, Genev Yesiree M. (LG 995 2017 E65 R63)


Mechanical Engineering  (M.S.)

A comparison of the on road and driving cycle fuel economy of an urban public utility jeepney using road load energy criterion /Corpus, Robert Michael B. (LG 995 2018 E67 C67)

An investigation of the actual fuel economy of a drive cycle developed using road load energy criterionLomotan, Robert James Y. (LG 995 2017 E67 L66)

An investigation of the actual fuel economy of a drive cycle developed using road load energy criterion on a UV Express /Vasquez, Peter Rada (LG 995 2017 E67 V37)




Jun 14


Energy Engineering  (M. S.)

Parametric study of the composite spar lay-ups for the development of bend-twist coupled wind / Razo, Christopher Isaac L.  (LG 995 2016 E65 R39)

Parametric study of vertical axis wind turbine rotor configurations using CFD / Difuntorum, John Keithley I.  (LG 995 2017 E65 D54)

 Synthesis of Na-Pumice catalyst for heterogeneous transesterification of soybean oil : optimization, kinetics, and reusability studies/ Cuasay, Jodel L.  (LG 995 2016 E65 C83)


Geomatics Engineering  (M. S.)

Evaluation of multi-year ALOS/PALSAR mosaic data for mapping and monitoring of forest cover types in the Philippines / De Alban, Jose Don T.  (LG 995 2017 G685 D43)

Using remote sensing and GIS for a hydro-meteorology based drought vulnerability map for farmers in Pitpitan, Bulakan, Bulacan /Sempio, Julius Noah H.  (LG 995 2016 G685 S46)

Industrial Engineering  (M. S.)

Development of risk assessment tool for small scale gold mining in the Philippines / Bernaldez, Isachar P.  (LG 995 2017 E66 B47)

A task analysis of small-scale jewelry craft workers to investigate the effects of work system elements and sitting mobility on body/ Caparas, Hazel A.  (LG 995 2017 E66 C37)

Developing a social life cycle assessment tool for micro and small scale jewelry industry in the Philippines : in the case of Meycauayan City, Bulacan/ Gonzales, Dyan C.  (LG 995 2016 E66 G66)

Evaluation of the sustainability impacts of informal gold recovery from cellular phones/ Pesigan, Clarissa M.  (LG 995 2017 E66 P47)

Analytic hierarchy process (AHP) group decision making methodology for imprecise preferences/ Lee, Kathleen B.  (LG 995 2017 E66 L44)


Industrial Engineering  (B. S.)

A Six Sigma project on FRP wall lamps of EGB Industries / Acelajado, Carol Anne D.  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 A24)

A Six Sigma quality control study on Cathay Pacific Steel Corporation (CAPASCO / Gatpandan, Ana Carmela  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 G38)

Six Sigma project: Super Industrial Corporation / Alcantara, Raymund  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 A43)

Six Sigma study of rebars production in Cathay Pacific Steel Corporation / Aquino, Diana Sylvia Z.  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 A68)

A Six Sigma study on Metro Container Corporation / Dela Cruz, Carrel A .  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 D45)

Improvement of shipment lead time of AgChem products from Malaysia to General Santos Warehouse / Batungbakal, Pia Marie S.  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 B38)




Nov 22

Computer Science (CS) Graduate Theses

IMS-based specifications for micro-learning on mobile devices  /Karen B. Pajarito   (LG 995 2016 C65 P35)

Web ontology of the music scores of Jose Maceda compositions using Arc2 framework /  Sonia M. Pascua (LG 995 2016 C65 P37)


Chemical Engineering  (ChE) Graduate Theses

Effect of replacement of silica with modified and raw bentonite on properties of natural rubber composites  /  Mark Rigel R. Ali                         (LG 995 2016 E62 A45)

Soil organic matter dissolution and biodegradation : batch studies / Joanna Lyn D. Ancorda (LG 995 2016 E62 A53)

Effect of carbon black substitution with modified and raw bentonite on the properties of natural rubber composites / Clare L. Garing                               (LG 995 2016 E62 G37)

Effect of colorant and film thickness on diffusion properties of oxo-biodegradable polyethylene plastic bags in different aqueous media /  Giselle Lou D. Leuterio (LG 995 2016 E62 L48)

Analysis and optimization of water-based printing ink formulations for polyethylene films / Jar Carlo C. Ramirez (LG 995 2016 E62 R36)

Thermal, mechanical and moisture absorption properties of lignocellulosic waste (soda lignin)/ unsaturated polyester blends / Diamaden T. Salinding Jr (LG 995 2016 E62 S25)


Civil Engineering (CE) Graduate Theses

Comparison of analytical and numerical models in predicting the yield of an infiltration gallery : a case study of Dacanlao raw water intake in Calaca, Batangas /  Richmark N. Macuha (LG 995 2016 E63 M33)

Comparative analysis of service characteristics of transportation network companies (TNCs) and conventional taxis /Arden Glenn A. Paronda               (LG 995 2016 E63 P37)


Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Graduate Theses

Optimizing the trickle algorithm of RPL on dense wireless sensor networks /Paul Vincent S. Alpano (LG 995 2016 E64 A47)

Investigation on the physical layer security of massive MIMO with small cells / Neil Irwin M. Bernardo (LG 995 2016 E64 B47)

Proactive planning for grid integration of utility-scale and customer-based generation using location-specific and feeder-specific hosting capacity analysis / Limuel Khin L. Estorque (LG 995 2016 E64 E88)

Investigation of a Class J – tuned Doherty amplifier / Bryan Edward P. Esteves (LG 995 2016 E64 E875)

CLEAR : cluster-catching for loop emendation and recovery / Kyle Christopher L. Melchor (LG 995 2016 E64 M45)

Characterization of an RF translator for WiFi communication over TV white spaces /  Patth Rick L. Ramirez (LG 995 2016 E64 R36)

Investigating a multiple branch harvester approach for passive RFID tags operating in TV white spaces / Adrian Cabueñas Salces                             (LG 995 2016 E64 S25)


Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MMM) Graduate Theses

Preferred crystallographic orientation and corrosion control of electrodeposited Sn films /Waynah Lou V. Dacayan (LG 995 2016 E68 D33)

Recovery of smectite and kaolinite from pottery clay via supercentrifugation technique / Johanna Michelle S. Ambait (LG 995 2016 M37 A43)

Characterization and copper modification of Philippine natural zeolites for adsorption of hydrogen sulfide gas / Eleanor M. Olegario-Sanchez                 (LG 995 2016 M37 O44)

Fabrication of zinc oxide nanostructures on zinc foil by wet oxidation method /Christian Mark O. Pelicano (LG 995 2016 M37 P45)

Synthesis and modification of a chitosan-based composite by Ag-exchanged zeolite incorporation and plasma treatment for potential biomedical application / Kathrina Lois M. Taaca (LG 995 2016 M37 T33)

Fabrication of montmorillonite/polycaprolactone nanofiber membrane via electrospinning method / Gianina Martha A. Tajanlangit                                   (LG 995 2016 M37 T35)

Investigation of LSM/YSZ composite electrode as anode material for solid oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC) / Christian C. Vaso (LG 995 2016 M37 V37)



Chemical Engineering (ChE) Graduate Theses

Adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline and byproduct sweeping on rotating TiO2-coated aluminum drum / Ramer P. Bautista     (LG 996 2016 E62 B38)

Synthesis of polyethyleneimine-graphene oxide polymer nanocomposites for heavy metal adsorption / Jem Valerie Dulay Perez (LG 996 2016 E62 P47)


Civil Engineering (CE) Graduate Theses

Effects of gap forcing on the two lane roundabouts in the Philippines / Alex S. Ladaga (LG 996 2016 E63 L34)


Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Graduate Theses

BayanihaNets : towards enabling cooperative networks / Isabel A. Montes (LG 996 2016 E643 M668)

A multi mode LLC resonant converter for EDM applications / Carl Michael F. Odulio (LG 996 2016 E643 O38)



Oct 6

Graduate Theses

Removal of heavy metals from mining wastewater by using prepared coco peat activated carbon as adsorbent / Keoduangchai Keokhamphui (LG 996 2011 E653 /K46)

Nonlinear static analysis of concrete bearing-wall type, low-rise single-family dwelling structures / Fernando J. Germar (LG 996 2011 E63 /G47)

Undergraduate Theses

Visible light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen production using Cu-doped SrTiO3 / Kristine R. Tolod (LG 995 2011 E65 /T65)

Optimal order policy for a two-stage newsvendor problem with forecast updates and order lead times / Federico Jose S. Rodriguez (LG 995 2011 E66 /R63)
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Sep 7

EEE Theses

Unit selection and HMM-based speech synthesis for Filipino / Lito Rodel S. Lazaro (LG 995 2011 E64 L39)

Enhanced FM0 decoder for UHF passive RFID readers using duty cycle estimations / N. Fernando B. Bautista (LG 995 2011 E64 B38)

Receive diversity combining schemes for UHF RFID tags / Leonard Bryan B. Paet (LG 995 2011 E64 P34)

Field programmable gate array implementation of a time domain reflectometer and ground-penetrating radar transceiver / Siegfred D. Balon (LG 995 2011 E64 B35)

Aug 12

EEE Theses

System-level analog architecture design for WiMAX direct-conversion receivers in 90nm CMOS / Lendl Israel Makabenta Alunan (LG 995 2010 E64 A48)

Comparison of integrated LNA-mixer topologies for WiMAX applications in a standard 90-nm CMOS process / Michael Angelo G. Lorenzo (LG 995 2011 E64 L67)

A 10MHz 3rd order Butterworth Gm-C low-pass filter in a 90nm CMOS process / Sherwin Paul Roldan Almazan (LG 995 2011 E64 A46)

Implementation of a multiple beamformer for coarse localization of passive UHF RFID tags /Roy Repalda Flores (LG 995 2011 E64 F56)

Greenfield approach to the reference network benchmarking methodology for performance-based regulation of distribution utilities /Warren John B. Ong Pe (LG 995 2011 E64 O54)

Impact assessment of wind power penetration on the operating reserve of the Luzon grid /Dave Andrew F. Opiso (LG 995 2011 E64 O65)

A study of cache sub-ranking and block buffering as power reduction techniques for multiprocessor cache design /Jestoni V. Zarsuela (LG 995 2010 E64 Z37)

A no-arbitrage approach to pricing of Flexible Electricity Contracts considering transmission line rentals /Julius Eleazar A. Bunyi (LG 995 2011 E64 bB86)

Computer Science Theses

Analysis of electronic ballot transmission protocols in the applied pi calculus /Danny Francis Wuysang (LG 995 2011 C65 W89)

Combining task-and-role-based access control with multi-constraints for a medical workflow system /Ivy Joy G. Mallare (LG 995 2011 C65 M35)

Social network-aware P2P file distribution /Linda II M. Sarmiento (LG 995 2011 C65 S27)

Multi-objective evolutionary optimization of UVB phototherapy of psoriasis through a 3-dimensional agent-based model /Arjay Caburnay Cayetano (LG 995 2011 C65 C39)

A real-time web-based Delphi study on ICT integration in basic education : framework and implementation model /Kurt Junshean P. Espinosa (LG 995 2011 C65 E87)

Access control for video-based collaborative learning frameworks model /Mae Sincere S. Blanco (LG 995 2011 C65 B53)

Mar 3

EEE Theses

Resource allocation in x86 simultaneous multithreading (SMT) processors / Dean Michael Blasco Ancajas (LG 995 2010 E64 A53)

Development of a parameter-based voice enhancement device (VED) for adaptive multi-rate wideband (AMRWB) codec / Macario O. Cordel II  (LG 995 2010 E64 C67)

QCM-ISA monoclonal antibody multi-serotype dengue immunosensor / Roland Jay Atalin Miguel (LG 995 2010 E64 M54)

Computer Science Thesis

NSACO : a multiobjective nondominated sorting ant colony optimization algorithm for continuous and mixed-variable domains / Ricardo M. Bernardo, Jr. (LG 995 2010 C65 B47)

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