Jun 7


Energy Engineering  (Ph.D.)

Improving the stability of diesel emulsions with high pyrolysis bio-oil content by alcohol co-surfactants and high shear mixing strategies / Cruz, Louie Angelo D. (LG 995 2018 E65 C78)

Reduced graphene oxide, MoS2 and graphene quantum dots for asymmetric supercapacitor application/ Mamador, Charmyne B. (LG 995 2018 E65 M36)

Biomethane production from low-strength wastewater in an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor : modelling methane production kinetics using sigmoidal growth functions and determining the effects of hydraulic retention time and reactor height on extracellular polymeric substances/ Ebrada, Leni C. (LG 996 2018 E65 E27)

Numerical modelling of two-phase flow through an ejector for a novel modified single-flash geothermal power plant / Sohi, Hashemi (LG 996 2018 E65 H37)

 CFD modelling and experimental evaluation of a heat-driven ejector refrigeration system/ Honra, Jaime P. (LG 996 2018 E65 H66)


Energy Engineering  (M.S.)

Techno-economic feasibility study of tidal power plant with seawater pumped storage in the Philippines/Ibanez, Roderaid T. (LG 995 2018 E65 I23)

Nickel hydroxide nanostructures as anode catalyst for direct ethanol fuel cellsLidasan, Jun Jeffri B. (LG 995 2018 E65 L53)

Performance effects of tubercle leading edge (TLE) on a cambered airfoil profile for vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) in steady wind/ Lositano, Ian Carlo M. (LG 995 2018 E65 L67)

Techno-economic assessment of offshore wind energy in the Philippines/ Maandal, Gerard Lorenz D. (LG 995 2018 E65 M33)

VAWT cluster parameter study on overall cluster performance/ Silva, Jeffrey E. (LG 995 2018 E65 S55)


Geodetic Engineering  (M.S.)

Development of methodology for mapping the coral reef habitats using hyperspectral CASI image and bathymetric LiDAR data / Cruz, Charmaine A. ( LG 995 2018 G685 C78)

Semi-automatic 3D topological network extraction for indoor navigation/Claridades, Alexis Richard C. (LG 955 2018 G685 C53)

Geospatial analysis of recorded theft and robbery cases in Quezon City using geographic information systems and spatial statistics/ Lanuza, Eugene Allan H. (LG 995 2018 G685 L36)

Geosimulation of riverine type mangrove in Palawan, Philippines using cellular automata/ Manalii, Michael Andrew G. (LG 995 2018 G685 M36)

Mapping rice ecosystems in Ilocos Region using Sentinel-1A SAR time series data and random forest algorithm/ Villano, Lorena S. (LG 995 2018 G685 V55)

Effects of rainfall intensity on soil erosion using OpenLiSEM with remote sensing assisted parameterization of vegetation in Katmon watershed/ De La Cruz, Leizel G (LG 995 2019 G685 D45)

Geostatistical analysis of road traffic accidents for crash reduction site prioritization/Luz, Leonard L. (LG 995 2018 G685 L89)

Optimization of ground control point configuration for unmanned aerial vehicle survey using structure-from-motion and geographic information systems/ Villanueva, Jara Kaye S. (LG 995 2018 G685 V555)


Industrial Engineering  (M.S.)

Formulation of an ergonomic assessment model of work-related musculoskeletal symptoms (WMSS) in small scale gold mining and extraction in the Philippines /Custodio, Bennette P. (LG 995 2016 E66 C87)

A Grey multi-objective programming model integration of inventory uncertainty into the dynamic inoperability input-output model/ Labayan- Mamino, Luchie Marie A. (LG 995 2018 E66 L33)

A Decision support system to hit target sample distribution quota and consumers on outdoor product sampling/ Tumamao, Mary Grace (LG 995 2018 (E66 T86)

A lookup-based decision support system for classification and prioritization of disaster-related tweets for disaster response/ Lagria, Raymond Freth A. (LG 995 2019 E66 L34)

Development of a user-based usability evaluation tool for mobile health (mHealth) systems/ Portuz, Alyssa Jean (LG 995 2019 E66 P67)


Mechanical Engineering  (M.S.)

Reliability-based optimization model for operation and maintenance strategy of subsea injection pumps in offshore natural gas facility /Altajeros, Marco Antonio O. (LG 995 2010 E65 A58)

A Prototype of a millet planting machine for Jigawa State, Nigeria/ Dauda, Abdulfrau Baba (LG 995 2018 E67 D38)

Wear rate analysis of main blades of a rotary cutting machine/ Marcelo, Eisson M. (LG 995 2018 E67 M37)

Modeling and performance analysis of a thermoelectric energy harvesting system from logger housing of water utility company applications /Valdez, Victor B. (LG 995 2018 E67 V35)

Structural analysis of horizontal axis tidal turbine (HATT) blade with varying material and laminate structuresUy, Glizelda L. (LG 995 2018 E67 U94)

Improving fuel economy estimates on a chassis dynamometer using air conditioner correction factors/ Reyes, Jose Alejandro M. (LG 995 2018 E67 R49)





Apr 24

 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dissertation

Integrated disaster risk management and urban planning for flood resilience : a methodology using loosely coupled machine learning and geographic information system/Cruz, Gene Oliver B. (LG 996 2017 E653 C78)

Synthesis and application of activated biochar from the slow pyrolysis of municipal solid wastes for the removal of organic contaminants from aqueous solutions/Genuino, Divine Angela D. (LG 996 2017 E653 G46)

Microbial population dynamics in a semi-continuous anaerobic system treating lipid-rich wastewater/Nguyen, Kiem Khac (LG 996 2017 E653 N48)

Doppler tolerant modified P4 code (DTMP4 code) for pulse compression radar/ De Jesus, Neon S. (LG 996 2018 E643 D45)

Utilization of groundwater treatment sludge and sludge-derived manganese dioxide for the removal of nickel ions from aqueous solutions/Ong, Dennis C. (LG 996 2018 E653 O54)

Computer Science (CS) Graduate Theses

News objectivity classification using linguistic features and machine learning models/Edrosa, Loraine Corese T. (LG 995 2017 C65 E37)

Resilient sensor placement in water distribution networks using multiobjective evolutionary algorithms/Tingzon, Isabelle B. (LG 995 2018 C65 T56)

Opportunistic named data networking improvements via load balancing/Lorenzo, John Bennedict T. (LG 995 2018 C65 L67)

Electrical Engineering (EE) Graduate Theses

Fast charging of lithium-ion batteries using peak power estimation/Baduria, John Patrick N. (LG 995 2017 E64 B33)

MPPT-controlled adaptive reconfigurable 5.8GHz RF energy harvesting front-end to extend operating range/Lopez, Aristotle D. (LG 995 2017 E64 L67)

Fault location in the distribution system with load profile based variation compensation/Orpilla, Michael B. (LG 995 2017 E64 O77)

Near-field electric field limit for radiated emission pre-compliance/Tolentino, Adrian M. (LG 995 2017 E64 T65)

Modularized cell balancing circuit using chain structure switched capacitor and bi-directional buck-boost converter/Bonavente, Daryll P. (LG 995 2018 E64 B66)

Effects of bandlimited RF power amplifiers on LINC performance/Martin, Kevin M. (LG 995 2018 E64 M37)

Civil Engineering (CE) Graduate Theses

Application of universal kriging in the design and analysis of streamflow gauging network in Magat River basin/Velasco, Matthew S. (LG 995 2017 E63 V45)

Design and fabrication of air uplift chamber for testing roof panel systems in the Philippines/Bisa, Harvey O. (LG 995 2018 E63 B57)

Synthesis, characterization, and application of agar/alginate/k-carrageenan hydrogel blends for water retention in soil/De Chavez, Reynaldo C. (LG 995 2018 E62 D43)

Implementation of US Environmental Protection Agency’s storm water management model (US EPA SWMM) to assess the flood drainage system of the University of the Philippines Diliman campus/Lumbera, Maxell P. (LG 995 2018 E63 L86)

Modeling the effects of rainfall intensity on speed-flow-density relationship at North Luzon Expressway (NLEX)/Mejia, Hanzel N. (LG 995 2018 E63 M45)

Environmental Engineering (EE) Graduate Theses

Effects of nitrite on the abatement efficiency of 17a-ethinylestradiol during treatment of synthetic municipal wastewater effluent with UV and UV/H2O2/Narvato, Kathleen Jane F. (LG 995 2017 E653 N37)

Isolation, characterization, and application of cellulose nanofibers derived from coconut husk fibers using chemical-ultrasonic process/Fuentes, Enrile B. (LG 995 2018 E653 F84)

Coupling environmental modeling with GIS as a tool for assessing water quality in Nhue Watershed, Vietnam/Le Phu, Tuan (LG 995 2013 E653 L47)

Multi-functional, highly fluorescent carbon dots from enokitake mushroom (Flammulina velutipes) for metal ion sensing and imaging applications/Pacquiao, Melvin R. (LG 995 2018 E653 P33)

Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Thesis

Experimental and molecular dynamics studies of plasma-HDPE surface interactions/Mella, Aubrey Faith M. (LG 995 2018 M37 M45)

Feb 21


Energy Engineering  (Ph.D.)

A Comparative analysis of the fuel economy of public utility buses in Metro Manila using an output-spilt hybrid drivetrain versus other hybrid drivetrain configuration / Denoga, Gerald Jo C. (LG 996 2017 E65 D46)


Energy Engineering  (M.S.)

Integrating geographic information system (GIS) and multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) for site selection of solar PV power plant in the Philippines : case study in Cebu province/Aurora, Raymart G. (LG 995 2017 AE65 A97)

Multi-objective particle swarm optimization with crowding distance in the optimal design of hybrid renewable energy systemBautista, Izrael Zenar C (LG 995 2017 E65 B38)

ISLA : a renewable energy-diesel hybrid system design framework for island communities in the Philippines (an application in Banton Island, Romblon)Corpuz, Jayson G (LG 995 2017 E65 C67)

High-capacity ammonium tetravanadate (NH4V4O10) as non-aqueous magnesium-ion battery cathode materialEsparcia, Eugene A. Jr. (LG 995 2017 E65 E87)

Energy planning using multicriteria decision analysis and goal programming based on key decision makers’ objectives : the case of PalawanRodriguez, Genev Yesiree M. (LG 995 2017 E65 R63)


Mechanical Engineering  (M.S.)

A comparison of the on road and driving cycle fuel economy of an urban public utility jeepney using road load energy criterion /Corpus, Robert Michael B. (LG 995 2018 E67 C67)

An investigation of the actual fuel economy of a drive cycle developed using road load energy criterionLomotan, Robert James Y. (LG 995 2017 E67 L66)

An investigation of the actual fuel economy of a drive cycle developed using road load energy criterion on a UV Express /Vasquez, Peter Rada (LG 995 2017 E67 V37)




Jun 14


Energy Engineering  (M. S.)

Parametric study of the composite spar lay-ups for the development of bend-twist coupled wind / Razo, Christopher Isaac L.  (LG 995 2016 E65 R39)

Parametric study of vertical axis wind turbine rotor configurations using CFD / Difuntorum, John Keithley I.  (LG 995 2017 E65 D54)

 Synthesis of Na-Pumice catalyst for heterogeneous transesterification of soybean oil : optimization, kinetics, and reusability studies/ Cuasay, Jodel L.  (LG 995 2016 E65 C83)


Geomatics Engineering  (M. S.)

Evaluation of multi-year ALOS/PALSAR mosaic data for mapping and monitoring of forest cover types in the Philippines / De Alban, Jose Don T.  (LG 995 2017 G685 D43)

Using remote sensing and GIS for a hydro-meteorology based drought vulnerability map for farmers in Pitpitan, Bulakan, Bulacan /Sempio, Julius Noah H.  (LG 995 2016 G685 S46)

Industrial Engineering  (M. S.)

Development of risk assessment tool for small scale gold mining in the Philippines / Bernaldez, Isachar P.  (LG 995 2017 E66 B47)

A task analysis of small-scale jewelry craft workers to investigate the effects of work system elements and sitting mobility on body/ Caparas, Hazel A.  (LG 995 2017 E66 C37)

Developing a social life cycle assessment tool for micro and small scale jewelry industry in the Philippines : in the case of Meycauayan City, Bulacan/ Gonzales, Dyan C.  (LG 995 2016 E66 G66)

Evaluation of the sustainability impacts of informal gold recovery from cellular phones/ Pesigan, Clarissa M.  (LG 995 2017 E66 P47)

Analytic hierarchy process (AHP) group decision making methodology for imprecise preferences/ Lee, Kathleen B.  (LG 995 2017 E66 L44)


Industrial Engineering  (B. S.)

A Six Sigma project on FRP wall lamps of EGB Industries / Acelajado, Carol Anne D.  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 A24)

A Six Sigma quality control study on Cathay Pacific Steel Corporation (CAPASCO / Gatpandan, Ana Carmela  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 G38)

Six Sigma project: Super Industrial Corporation / Alcantara, Raymund  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 A43)

Six Sigma study of rebars production in Cathay Pacific Steel Corporation / Aquino, Diana Sylvia Z.  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 A68)

A Six Sigma study on Metro Container Corporation / Dela Cruz, Carrel A .  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 D45)

Improvement of shipment lead time of AgChem products from Malaysia to General Santos Warehouse / Batungbakal, Pia Marie S.  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 B38)




Nov 22

Computer Science (CS) Graduate Theses

IMS-based specifications for micro-learning on mobile devices  /Karen B. Pajarito   (LG 995 2016 C65 P35)

Web ontology of the music scores of Jose Maceda compositions using Arc2 framework /  Sonia M. Pascua (LG 995 2016 C65 P37)


Chemical Engineering  (ChE) Graduate Theses

Effect of replacement of silica with modified and raw bentonite on properties of natural rubber composites  /  Mark Rigel R. Ali                         (LG 995 2016 E62 A45)

Soil organic matter dissolution and biodegradation : batch studies / Joanna Lyn D. Ancorda (LG 995 2016 E62 A53)

Effect of carbon black substitution with modified and raw bentonite on the properties of natural rubber composites / Clare L. Garing                               (LG 995 2016 E62 G37)

Effect of colorant and film thickness on diffusion properties of oxo-biodegradable polyethylene plastic bags in different aqueous media /  Giselle Lou D. Leuterio (LG 995 2016 E62 L48)

Analysis and optimization of water-based printing ink formulations for polyethylene films / Jar Carlo C. Ramirez (LG 995 2016 E62 R36)

Thermal, mechanical and moisture absorption properties of lignocellulosic waste (soda lignin)/ unsaturated polyester blends / Diamaden T. Salinding Jr (LG 995 2016 E62 S25)


Civil Engineering (CE) Graduate Theses

Comparison of analytical and numerical models in predicting the yield of an infiltration gallery : a case study of Dacanlao raw water intake in Calaca, Batangas /  Richmark N. Macuha (LG 995 2016 E63 M33)

Comparative analysis of service characteristics of transportation network companies (TNCs) and conventional taxis /Arden Glenn A. Paronda               (LG 995 2016 E63 P37)


Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Graduate Theses

Optimizing the trickle algorithm of RPL on dense wireless sensor networks /Paul Vincent S. Alpano (LG 995 2016 E64 A47)

Investigation on the physical layer security of massive MIMO with small cells / Neil Irwin M. Bernardo (LG 995 2016 E64 B47)

Proactive planning for grid integration of utility-scale and customer-based generation using location-specific and feeder-specific hosting capacity analysis / Limuel Khin L. Estorque (LG 995 2016 E64 E88)

Investigation of a Class J – tuned Doherty amplifier / Bryan Edward P. Esteves (LG 995 2016 E64 E875)

CLEAR : cluster-catching for loop emendation and recovery / Kyle Christopher L. Melchor (LG 995 2016 E64 M45)

Characterization of an RF translator for WiFi communication over TV white spaces /  Patth Rick L. Ramirez (LG 995 2016 E64 R36)

Investigating a multiple branch harvester approach for passive RFID tags operating in TV white spaces / Adrian Cabueñas Salces                             (LG 995 2016 E64 S25)


Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MMM) Graduate Theses

Preferred crystallographic orientation and corrosion control of electrodeposited Sn films /Waynah Lou V. Dacayan (LG 995 2016 E68 D33)

Recovery of smectite and kaolinite from pottery clay via supercentrifugation technique / Johanna Michelle S. Ambait (LG 995 2016 M37 A43)

Characterization and copper modification of Philippine natural zeolites for adsorption of hydrogen sulfide gas / Eleanor M. Olegario-Sanchez                 (LG 995 2016 M37 O44)

Fabrication of zinc oxide nanostructures on zinc foil by wet oxidation method /Christian Mark O. Pelicano (LG 995 2016 M37 P45)

Synthesis and modification of a chitosan-based composite by Ag-exchanged zeolite incorporation and plasma treatment for potential biomedical application / Kathrina Lois M. Taaca (LG 995 2016 M37 T33)

Fabrication of montmorillonite/polycaprolactone nanofiber membrane via electrospinning method / Gianina Martha A. Tajanlangit                                   (LG 995 2016 M37 T35)

Investigation of LSM/YSZ composite electrode as anode material for solid oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC) / Christian C. Vaso (LG 995 2016 M37 V37)



Chemical Engineering (ChE) Graduate Theses

Adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of tetracycline and byproduct sweeping on rotating TiO2-coated aluminum drum / Ramer P. Bautista     (LG 996 2016 E62 B38)

Synthesis of polyethyleneimine-graphene oxide polymer nanocomposites for heavy metal adsorption / Jem Valerie Dulay Perez (LG 996 2016 E62 P47)


Civil Engineering (CE) Graduate Theses

Effects of gap forcing on the two lane roundabouts in the Philippines / Alex S. Ladaga (LG 996 2016 E63 L34)


Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Graduate Theses

BayanihaNets : towards enabling cooperative networks / Isabel A. Montes (LG 996 2016 E643 M668)

A multi mode LLC resonant converter for EDM applications / Carl Michael F. Odulio (LG 996 2016 E643 O38)



Oct 6

Graduate Theses

Removal of heavy metals from mining wastewater by using prepared coco peat activated carbon as adsorbent / Keoduangchai Keokhamphui (LG 996 2011 E653 /K46)

Nonlinear static analysis of concrete bearing-wall type, low-rise single-family dwelling structures / Fernando J. Germar (LG 996 2011 E63 /G47)

Undergraduate Theses

Visible light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen production using Cu-doped SrTiO3 / Kristine R. Tolod (LG 995 2011 E65 /T65)

Optimal order policy for a two-stage newsvendor problem with forecast updates and order lead times / Federico Jose S. Rodriguez (LG 995 2011 E66 /R63)
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Sep 7

EEE Theses

Unit selection and HMM-based speech synthesis for Filipino / Lito Rodel S. Lazaro (LG 995 2011 E64 L39)

Enhanced FM0 decoder for UHF passive RFID readers using duty cycle estimations / N. Fernando B. Bautista (LG 995 2011 E64 B38)

Receive diversity combining schemes for UHF RFID tags / Leonard Bryan B. Paet (LG 995 2011 E64 P34)

Field programmable gate array implementation of a time domain reflectometer and ground-penetrating radar transceiver / Siegfred D. Balon (LG 995 2011 E64 B35)

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