Mar 14

Civil Engineering  (CE)  Undergraduate Theses

Shear strength and stress-strain characteristics of Diliman silts/Adajar, Joash Bryan Q. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 A33)  

Development of a physically-based model using deterministic approach for landslide prediction / Agcaoili, Elaine C. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 A43)

Effectivity of using rice husk ash and fly ash as stabilizer in reducing the swelling of smectite-type of clays / Picar, Cyril Jerlo B.(LG 993.5 2015 E63 P53)

Unconfined compressive strength and erodibility of gypsum-treated Diliman silt  /Quinto, Adan Jacov A.  (LG 993.5 2015 E63 Q56)

Rate of bacteria-induced strength deterioration of banana fiber as a potential alternative geotextile material for temporary access road  / Silang, Jayson L. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 S55)

Geotechnical characterization of circulating fluidized bed (CFB) fly ash/Canlobo, Kim Aeron E.  (LG 993.5 2015 E63 C36)

Unconfined compressive strength of gypsum treated basaltic sand / Velasquez, Rekon E. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 V45)

Application of carbon nanotubes in structural health monitoring of reinforced concrete /Lagason, Patria Hena P.  (LG 993.5 2015 E63 L34)

Design sensitivity analysis of three-storey reinforced concrete moment resisting frame structures using performance-based seismic engineering /Sawali, John Paul M. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 S29)

Design sensitivity analysis of three-storey reinforced concrete moment-resisting frame structures using performance-based wind engineering / Olivas, Ana Claudinne E (LG 993.5 2015 E63 O45)

Performance assessment of the fire safety of a NHA house model using fire dynamics simulation / Tan, Geocerie D.  (LG 993.5 2015 E63 T36)

Development of empirical vulnerability curves of masonry building types in Bohol using methods in the global earthquake model (GEM)  / Licerio, Arthel Rae T. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 L53)

Analysis of the sensitivity of structural framing and building envelope specifications of a residential building to design wind speed/ Morillo, Luis Ariel B. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 M67)

Governing equations of RBS-DEM elements : small displacements formulation /Tadiosa, Jerome Z. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 T33) Combination of NDT techniques in assessing external repairs of concrete/ Lee, Stephen Albert O. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 L44)

Response of non-loadbearing concrete masonry units with plastic additives to non-destructive tests /San Antonio, Maria Cristelle A.(LG 993.5 2015 E63 S25)

Nonlinear pushover analysis of reinforced concrete columns and frame using rigid body spring discrete element method/ Gregorio, Mark Jay M. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 G74)

Identification of modal properties of a steel footbridge using ambient vibration measurement / Paguirigan, Janford E. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 P34)

Geometric modification of gable roof for low-rise buildings to reduce wind demand /Maliwanag, Julian Eymard B. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 M35)

Assessment of lifeline hospitals in Metro Manila as part of disaster preparedness for a possible large magnitude earthquake / Cereno, Karl Arwen O. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 C47)

Analytical modelling of Melchor Hall using non-destructive tests /Estanislao, Dan Mari D.V. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 E88)

Field experiment on occupant comfort on a tall building in Metro Manila / Columna, Jenalyn M. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 C65)

Failure modeling of roof-truss supports of reinforced concrete frame residential buildings due to severe wind / Doguiles, Arvi Elijah R. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 D64)

Establishing an irrigation performance index : the case of Angat-Maasim Rivers Irrigation System /Caluag, Rauf Micko A. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 C35)

Hydraulic analysis and flood mitigation study of Estero de Paco / Dagdag, Alejandrino E. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 D34)

Investigation of sedimentation patterns around hydraulic structures in the Jaro River System using a 2D sediment transport model / Diaz, Patrick Joseph B.  (LG 993.5 2015 E63 D53)

Urban storm flood modeling applied to Barangay Bambang in Pasig City /Manalastas, Guian Carlo D.G. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 M36) Numerical analysis of storm surge due to 2013 Typhoon Haiyan and the study of the effectiveness of Tacloban Airport seaw1ll against inundation / Miranda, Paterno S.  (LG 993.5 2015 E63 M57)

Analysis and estimation of the sediment yield of Pagsanjan-Lumban watershed in the Laguna De Bay basin using the Modified Universal Soil Loss Equation (MUSLE) /De Leon, Azel Lai D. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 D45)

Analysis of the probable oil spill scenarios in Laguna Lake using hydraulic modeling / Cruzem, Jazel F. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 C784) Analysis of the sensitivity of the construction cost of a one-storey residential building to design wind speeds / Adizas, Marc Neil V. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 A35)

Documentation and analysis of reconstruction practices in Haiyan-affected areas  / Cruzat, Julius Bryan O. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 C78)

Design and testing of a productivity based metal furring system for flat ceiling finishes / Decena, Johnlerry A. (LG 993.5 2015 E63 D43)

Civil Engineering  (CE)  Graduate Theses

Proposed protocol in determining expansion potential and estimating swell pressure of soils /Ontimare, Renz Marion S. (LG 995 2017 E63 O58)  

Evaluation of the performance of center-hole ultrasonic testing method for bored piles /Mendoza, Darell James M. (LG 995 2017 E63 M46)  

Numerical simulation and analysis of early-age thermal crack control in reinforced concrete retaining structures /Mejia, Ralph Jopie T.(LG 995 2017 E63 M45)  

Numerical simulation of the elastic behavior of reinforced concrete slabs up to first cracking using rigid body-spring discrete element methodGarde, Felix V. (LG 995 2017 E63 G37)  

A finite element based method for estimating natural frequencies of locally damaged homogeneous beamsUrsos, Michael Edward T.D. (LG 995 2017 E63 U77)  

A study on validity and applicability of EXSIM_V3 in the Philippine settingAzul, Kristian M. (LG 995 2017 E63 A98)

Investigating water intrusions on cracked precast concrete wall panels through an experimental set-up and a computational fluid dynamics model under wind-driven rain conditionsSadie, Homer T. (LG 995 2017 E63 S23)

Stabilization of Dinagat Island laterites for road constructionTingson, Thomas B. (LG 995 2017 E63 T56)

Comparison of compressive strength and stress – strain behavior of the various components of the Guadalupe Tuff FormationSta. Rosa, David Dennis V.(LG 995 2017 E63 S73)

Drivers of household water consumption of different socioeconomic classes in selected communities in Metro Manila, PhilippinesAncheta, Maria Anjelica P. (LG 995 2017 E63 A53)

Development of a rapid visual assessment tool for 1-storey school buildings exposed to severe wind loadings in the PhilippinesAcosta, Timothy John S. (LG 995 2017 E63 A26)

Development of criteria for locating stops in the vicinity of signalized intersectionsMartinez, Lorielyn B. (LG 995 2017 E63 M37)

Jun 14


Energy Engineering  (M. S.)

Parametric study of the composite spar lay-ups for the development of bend-twist coupled wind / Razo, Christopher Isaac L.  (LG 995 2016 E65 R39)

Parametric study of vertical axis wind turbine rotor configurations using CFD / Difuntorum, John Keithley I.  (LG 995 2017 E65 D54)

 Synthesis of Na-Pumice catalyst for heterogeneous transesterification of soybean oil : optimization, kinetics, and reusability studies/ Cuasay, Jodel L.  (LG 995 2016 E65 C83)


Geomatics Engineering  (M. S.)

Evaluation of multi-year ALOS/PALSAR mosaic data for mapping and monitoring of forest cover types in the Philippines / De Alban, Jose Don T.  (LG 995 2017 G685 D43)

Using remote sensing and GIS for a hydro-meteorology based drought vulnerability map for farmers in Pitpitan, Bulakan, Bulacan /Sempio, Julius Noah H.  (LG 995 2016 G685 S46)

Industrial Engineering  (M. S.)

Development of risk assessment tool for small scale gold mining in the Philippines / Bernaldez, Isachar P.  (LG 995 2017 E66 B47)

A task analysis of small-scale jewelry craft workers to investigate the effects of work system elements and sitting mobility on body/ Caparas, Hazel A.  (LG 995 2017 E66 C37)

Developing a social life cycle assessment tool for micro and small scale jewelry industry in the Philippines : in the case of Meycauayan City, Bulacan/ Gonzales, Dyan C.  (LG 995 2016 E66 G66)

Evaluation of the sustainability impacts of informal gold recovery from cellular phones/ Pesigan, Clarissa M.  (LG 995 2017 E66 P47)

Analytic hierarchy process (AHP) group decision making methodology for imprecise preferences/ Lee, Kathleen B.  (LG 995 2017 E66 L44)


Industrial Engineering  (B. S.)

A Six Sigma project on FRP wall lamps of EGB Industries / Acelajado, Carol Anne D.  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 A24)

A Six Sigma quality control study on Cathay Pacific Steel Corporation (CAPASCO / Gatpandan, Ana Carmela  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 G38)

Six Sigma project: Super Industrial Corporation / Alcantara, Raymund  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 A43)

Six Sigma study of rebars production in Cathay Pacific Steel Corporation / Aquino, Diana Sylvia Z.  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 A68)

A Six Sigma study on Metro Container Corporation / Dela Cruz, Carrel A .  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 D45)

Improvement of shipment lead time of AgChem products from Malaysia to General Santos Warehouse / Batungbakal, Pia Marie S.  (LG 993.5 2005 E66 B38)




Nov 21

Chemical Engineering Graduate Theses

Assessment of bismuth film gold ultramicroelectrode array for the determination of trace heavy metals in water  / Sandra Enn D. Bahinting     (LG 995 2015 E62 B34)

Optimization of TEC-cooled closed-end oscillating heat pipe charged with degassed, deionized water /  Leandro Tagum De Castro                                 (LG 995 2015 E62 D43)


Computer Science (CS) Undergraduate Theses

Traffic simulation induced with Filipino driving patterns using improved Krauss and improved MOBIL algorithm  /  Maria April Rose A. Andaca, Jerwin P. Cruda (LG 993.5 2016 C65 A53)

An agent-based model of post-disaster mangrove forest regrowth /  Franklin David C. Ang, James Stephen DV. Mariano (LG 993.5 2016 C65 A54)

Optimal water allocation policy for the Greater Manila Area during El Niño / Nicle Vynique Bedia, Mara Shen (LG 993.5 2016 C65 B43)

Off-lattice protein structure prediction on 3D hydrophobic-polar side-chain model using parallel simulated annealing /  Gerald Roy D. Campañano, Francis Jonathan J. Lopez, Rowel D. Ventura (LG 993.5 2016 C65 C36)

Three-dimensional ADCIRC + SWAN storm surge modeling with coastal inundation in the Philippine archipelago /  Gwenevere Kay T. Gutierrez, Ace Irish D. Talibong (LG 993.5 2016 C65 G88)

3D printing optimization through projection-assisted parameter search (PAPS) / Niña Kamilla J. Quiazon, Sarah N. Samonte (LG 993.5 2016 C65 Q53)


Computer Science (CS) Graduate Theses

Learning analytics through a digital game-based learning environment /Ada Angeli D. Cariaga (LG 995 2015 C65 C37)

A seasonal regime-switching spot price model for the Philippine electricity market / Sebastian C. Ibañez (LG 995 2015 C65 I23)

Coarse-grained modeling of protein folding through simulated annealing of simplified protein backbones / Karen Katrina G. Manalastas                       (LG 995 2015 C65 M36)


Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Graduate Theses

Optimal allocation of intermittent embedded generator with time-varying generation and demand and types of load considerations / Rodolfo A. Aguirre, Jr. (LG 995 2015 E64 A38)

Coordinated maximum power point tracking in modular photovoltaic systems / Nicolette Ann A. Arriola (LG 995 2015 E64 A77)

On-line power system transient stability assessment using a regression model in contingency screening / Monyvathna Chheng                               (LG 995 2015 E64 C44)


Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MMM) Undergraduate Theses

Feasibility of copper slag as partial fine aggregate substitute in grout mix applied in rock bolts / Christjohn Rhoie C. Palacol, Rene Aldous Q. Pitogo, Froiland S. Timpoc (LG 993.5 2016 E6 P35)

Effect of tris(catecholato) silicate (TCS) ion concentration in silica carrier microencapsulation (SCME) treatment of Toledo pyrite concentrate for the suppression of pyrite oxidation /  Milbert M. Capistrano, Lorenzo T. Cayaban, Joshua Miguel D. Lopez (LG 993.5 2016 E6 C37 )

Fabrication and characterization of hydroxyapatite / poly(lactic-co-glycolic) acid composite as scaffold in bone tissue engineering / Arriane Gayle B. Basali, Angela Marie S. Leron, Joelle S. Rodgers (LG 993.5 2014 M37 B37)

Removal of copper, mercury and arsenic ions at various pH levels using iron modified montmorillonite incorporated in polycaprolactone / Lance C. De Jesus, Gelli Anne N. Dusaban (LG 993.5 2014 M37 D45)

Adsorption kinetics and thermodynamics studies of copper (II) and zinc (II) on hydroxyapatite pellets / Candice A. Alon, Rodney E. Estrada                       (LG 993.5 2015 M37 A46)

Fabrication and characterization of porcine bone-derived hydroxyapatite-alumina biocomposite / Madeleine M. Apostol, Jovito Leo D. Lobigan (LG 993.5 2015 M37 A66)

Desorption of arsenic (As3+), copper (Cu2+) and mercury (Hg2+) ions from iron modified montmorillonite nanoclay / Ariane Michelle D. Agulto, Jeanne Ranny B. de Guzman (LG 993.5 2016 M37 A38)

Fabrication of copper metallized titania nanoparticles via vacuum thermal evaporation / Hearty Marie B. Masa, Arnold C. Onrubia, Jasper Lance S. Santos (LG 993.5 2016 M37 M37)

Effect of the presence of iron-modified montmorillonite (Fe-MMT) on the thermal and photo-degradation of polycaprolactone (PCL) nanofiber mats /  Feliz Patricia D. Montenegro, Martha Elenor B. Samson                                (LG 993.5 2016 M37 M66)


Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MMM) Graduate Theses

Microbubble size control : effect of pH, frother type, and dosage / Edwin Roven T. Cañezal (LG 995 2015 E68 C36)

Electrokinetics and stability of solder powders in aqueous and non-aqueous media / Terence Lucero F. Menor (LG 995 2016 E68 M46)

Development of multi-flame retarders using rice husk-derived silica, phosphorus, and nitrogen-based compounds for polystyrene / Florencio D. De los Reyes (LG 995 2015 M37 D45)

Fabrication of expanded thermoplastic starch reinforced by randomly oriented short abaca fibers / Anniver Ryan Pablo Lapuz                                 (LG 995 2015 M37 L37)

Synthesis and characterization of carbon coated nanograined lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) as cathode material for lithium-ion batteries / Princess Stephanie P. Llanos (LG 995 2015 M37 L53)

Synthesis of copper nanowires and its application as transparent conducting electrode / Michael R. Tan (LG 995 2015 M37 T36)