Jun 24

Everyone is invited to visit the 14th Philippine Academic Book Fair at the 5th level of the Megatrade Hall 1, Building B, SM Megamall, EDSA, Mandaluyong City. Exhibits will run from July 6 to 10, 2010, and will be open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Just ask for free and limited admission tickets at the Reference Section.

For your comments, suggestions and questions, don’t hesitate to contact the reference librarian at library@engglib2.upd.edu.ph or call us at 981-8500 local 3251 to 3252

Jun 4

ANOD_3G_: development of a cost-effective GPS-tracked data logging drifter with GSM and parameter gathering capabilities / Jet Lawrence M. Belbes, Xinia Angela Z. Cruz, Venice Erin B. Liong. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 B45

Built-in self-test implementation on ARM7TDM-S microprocessor / Ralph Joseph A. Esguerra, Josef Ronald A. Marimla, Aga Nasser E. Retirado. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 E84

ConDAQ conductivity and temperature sensor array and data acquisition system for salt water intrusion in shore-based communities / Paolo Angelo R. Fajardo, Rozelle C. Valdez. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 F35

Design and implementation of an EPC Class-1 Generation-2 UHF Frid Sniffer on software-defined radio / Sophia Martina D. Macalino. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 M33

Design and implementation of an FPGA-based GPR and TDR system for soil investigations / Roberto D. De Joya Jr.,…[et al.]. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 D47

Design and implementation of directional couplers using waveguides and microstrip transmission lines / Del Rosario, Cennen C., Samera, Mark Daryl S. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 D45

Design and implementation of pipelined analog-to-digital converters in a 90nm CMOS process / Aaron Galvez Dizon, Michelle Rosario Fokno. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 D59

Development of a call center customer satisfaction predictor based on speech features / Alvi Jonathan C. Sait, Cris Jade D. Castillo. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 S25

Development of a control system with PC interface for a selective compliant articulated robot arm / Reynald C. Buyao, May C. Nirza. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 B89

Development of a linear motor based gantry / Jonel A. Brocoy, Jann Rowen B. Santos. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 B76

Enhancements in prosody and smoothness of synthesized Filipino speech / Jonald D. Albete, Narz Marbeth V. David. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 A43

Implementation of a digital game-based learning environment for elementary education / Jason B. Almonte, Ceferino Gabriel R. Ramirez, Reynaldo R. Tugade. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 A46

Implementation of an RFID tag emulator using SDR techniques / Julie Ann M. Banatao, Mirgel Vincent U. Esteron. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 B36

Implementation of autonomous road navigation using camera and GPS on ATRV-mini platform / Prado Arturo N. Bognot,…[et al.]. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 I47

Implementation of the phase 2 compiler for the ARM7TDMI-S Dual-Core microprocessor / Sebastian, Sherry Joy Alvione, Tang, Alvin Joseph. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 S43

A microcontroller-based recloser implementation for the UP-PSSL power system simulator / Niccolo Andrew B. Cardona, Ryan Alvin A. Roldan. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 C37

MotesArt LiTe: A wireless sensor network for microclimate monitoring using TinyOS and DD-WRT / Mark Patrick B. Cabrera, Cindy P. Paguio. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 C33

MUSE: MUltipoint SErverless videoconferencing for interactive learning support / Isabel A. Montes. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 M668

NeoMA3X: Design and implementation of rapid visualization digital signage network with centralized control / Darwin M. Bautista.. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 B38

Power optimized partial scan BIST implementation on DLX microprocessor / Arvi D. Buenaventura, Carlos Miguel A. Miranda, Ma. Katrina D. Salvacion. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 B84

RFID-based access control system with a multimedia messaging display board / Edward John Santos Lacap. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 L33

RxBox 0.3 Triage interface, VoIP integration and GUI-MVC refactoring for the RxBox / Timothy John Ebido, Thomas Rodinel Soler. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 E25

SENSLOPE v. 2 : development and evaluation of alternative cost-effective instrumentation for monitoring landslides on real world slopes / Franz Joseph Libao, Al John Lexter Lozano, Andrew Sandoval. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 L53

Simulation of transmission line matching networks in GaAs MMIC applications / Trevor Andrei Free A. Monsod. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 M66

Switchmode power supply training modules / Joseph Michael A. Vitug. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 V58

VIBES: A vibration-based data acquisition system for structural health monitoring / Jose Angelo C. Austria, Aldrich C. Bunagan, Lemuel G. Moraleja. 2010. LG 993.5 2010 E64 A97