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May 3


Recommended by Prof. Ray Vincent Gomez

*for CoE 133
Secure and resilient software development.

Author Mark S. Merkow
Place of Publication Boca Raton, FL
Date of Publication c2010
Publisher CRC Press

Although many software books highlight open problems in secure software development, few provide easily actionable, ground-level solutions. Breaking the mold, “Secure and Resilient Software Development” teaches you how to apply best practices and standards for consistent and secure software development. It details specific quality software development strategies and practices that stress resilience requirements with precise, actionable, and ground-level inputs. Providing comprehensive coverage, the book illustrates all phases of the secure software development life cycle. It shows developers how to master non-functional requirements including reliability, security, and resilience. The authors provide expert-level guidance through all phases of the process and supply many best practices, principles, testing practices, and design methodologies
Nanotechnologies for future mobile devices

Editor Tapani Ryhänen
Place of Publication Cambridge
Date of Publication c2010
Publisher Cambridge University Press

Explore the potential for nanotechnologies to transform future mobile and Internet communications. Based on a research collaboration between Nokia, Helsinki University of Technology, and the University of Cambridge, here leading researchers review the current state-of-the art and future prospects for:
* Novel multifunctional materials, dirt repellent, self-healing surface materials, and lightweight structural materials capable of adapting their shape
* Portable energy storage using supercapacitor-battery hybrids based on new materials including carbon nanohorns and porous electrodes, fuel cell technologies, energy harvesting and more efficient solar cells
* Electronics and computing advances reaching beyond IC scaling limits, new computing approaches and architectures, embedded intelligence and future memory technologies.
* Nanoscale transducers for mechanical, optical and chemical sensing, sensor signal processing, and nanoscale actuation
* Nanoelectronics to create ultrafast and adaptive electronics for future radio technologies
* Flat panel displays with greater robustness, improved resolution, brightness and contrast, and mechanical flexibility
* Manufacturing and innovation processes, plus commercialization of nanotechnologies
Recommended by Prof. Romarie U. Lorenzo

*for EEE 107, ECE 153
Mobile communication systems and security.

Author Man Young Rhee.
Place of Publication Singapore
Date of Publication c2009
Publisher J. Wiley & Sons (Asia)

Mobile Communication Systems and Security arms readers with a thorough understanding of all major cellular air-interface technologies and their security layer techniques. Rhee covers the technological development of wireless mobile communications in compliance with each iterative generation up to 3G systems and beyond, with an emphasis on wireless security aspects. By progressing in a systematic manner, presenting the theory and practice of wireless mobile technologies along with various security problems, readers will gain an intimate sense of how mobile systems operate and how to address complex security issues.
* Written by a top expert in information security
* Details each generation of cellular technology
* Gives a clear understanding of wireless security protocol analysis
* Offers complete coverage of various protocols and specifications in 3GPPs
* Forecasts new features and promising technologies
* Presents numerical examples in each chapter for easier understanding
* Provides source code that can be used for individual practice The book is ideal for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in courses such as Wireless Networking, Wireless Security, or Mobile Radio Communications.
Recommended by Prof. Bienvenido Malquisto Jr.

Modern solutions for protection, control, and monitoring of electric power systems.

Editors J. Altuve Ferrer, Edmund O. Schweitzer, III
Place of Publication Washington
Date of Publication 2010
Publisher Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

The most comprehensive work of its kind, this book consolidates into one volume new, modern solutions for protection, control, and monitoring of electric power systems.

You’ll find straightforward presentations and example applications of the following technologies:
* Time-synchronized protection, monitoring, and control
* Wide-area protection and control using synchrophasors
* Cybersecurity threats and security-in-depth tool kit
* Distribution systems that deliver safe operation and rapid power restoration after faults
* Transmission protection solutions that improve stability, detect power swings, and help you get the most out of your primary equipment
Recommended by Prof. Joy Alinda Reyes-Madamba

*for CoE 141, CoE 143, EEE 41, EEE 225, EEE 226
Digital Integrated Circuits: Analysis and Design, 2E

Author John Ayers
Place of Publication Boca Raton, FL
Date of Publication c2009
Publisher CRC Press

Any textbook more than five years old simply won’t do in digital integrated circuits, as dynamic CMOS circuits have emerged to dominate the field. Providing a revised instructional text for engineers involved with Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit design and fabrication, this second edition delves into the dramatic advances, including new applications and changes in the physics of operation made possible by relentless miniaturization. Each chapter includes numerous worked examples, case studies and SPICE computer simulations.

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