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Place of Publication HongKong
Date of Publication Vol. 184, no. 20 : November 24, 2014
Publisher Kings Road, Quarry Bay



Place of Publication HongKong
Date of Publication Vol. 184, no. 21 to 22 : December 1 to 8, 2014
Publisher Kings Road, Quarry Bay



Place of Publication Quezon City
Date of Publication Vol. 3, no. 3 : 2014
Publisher Media Access


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Place of Publication Pleasantville, N.Y.
Date of Publication December 2014
Publisher The Reader’s Digest Association

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National Geographic

Place of Publication Washington, DC
Date of Publication Vol. 226, no. 3 : September 2014
Publisher National Geographic Society

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Evidence-based climate science : data opposing CO2 emissions as the primary source of global warming

Recommending faculty:  Prof. Mario A. Soriano, Jr.  (CE 190, CE 199)

Editor Don Easterbrook
Place of Publication Amsterdam
Date of Publication c2011
Publisher Elsevier

Global warming and human-induced climate change are perhaps the most important scientific issues of our time. These issues continue to be debated in the scientific community and in the media without true consensus about the role of greenhouse gas emissions as a contributing factor.

Evidence-Based Climate Science: Data opposing CO2 emissions as the primary source of global warming objectively gathers and analyzes scientific data concerning patterns of past climate changes, influences of changes in ocean temperatures, the effect of solar variation on global climate, and the effect of CO2 on global climate to clearly and objectively present counter-global-warming evidence not embraced by proponents of CO2.

  • An unbiased, evidence-based analysis of the scientific data concerning climate change and global warming
  • Authored by 8 of the world’s leading climate scientists, each with more than 25 years of experience in the field
  • Extensive analysis of the physics of CO2 as a greenhouse gas and its role in global warming
  • Comprehensive citations, references, and bibliography
  • Adaptation strategies are presented as alternative reactions to greenhouse gas emission reductions

Embedded systems hardware for software engineers


Author Ed Lipiansky
Place of Publication New York
Date of Publication c2012
Publisher McGraw-Hill

Embedded Systems Hardware for Software Engineersdescribes the electrical and electronic circuits that are used in embedded systems, their functions, and how they can be interfaced to other devices.Basic computer architecture topics, memory, address decoding techniques, ROM, RAM, DRAM, DDR, cache memory, and memory hierarchy are discussed. The book covers key architectural features of widely used microcontrollers and microprocessors, including Microchip’s PIC32, ATMEL’s AVR32, and Freescale’s MC68000. Interfacing to an embedded system is then described. Data acquisition system level design considerations and a design example are presented with real-world parameters and characteristics. Serial interfaces such as RS-232, RS-485, PC, and USB are addressed and printed circuit boards and high-speed signal propagation over transmission lines are covered with a minimum of math. A brief survey of logic families of integrated circuits and programmable logic devices is also contained in this in-depth resource.COVERAGE INCLUDES:

  • Architecture examples
  • Memory
  • Memory address decoding
  • Read-only memory and other related devices
  • Input and output ports
  • Analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters
  • Interfacing to external devices
  • Transmission lines
  • Logic families of integrated circuits and their signaling characteristics
  • The printed circuit board
  • Programmable logic devices
  • Test equipment: oscilloscopes and logic analyzers

Engineering mechanics : statics & dynamics


Author Francesco Costanzo
Place of Publication New York
Date of Publication c2010
Publisher McGraw-Hill

Plesha, Gray, and Costanzo’s Engineering Mechanics: Statics & Dynamicspresents the fundamental concepts clearly, in a modern context using applications and pedagogical devices that connect with today’s students.The text features a problem-solving methodology that is consistently used throughout all example problems. This methodology helps students lay out the steps necessary to correct problem-formulation and explains the steps needed to arrive at correct and realistic solutions. Once students have fully mastered the basic concepts, they are taught appropriate use of modern computational tools where applicable.Further reinforcing the text’s modern emphasis, the authors have brought engineering design considerations into selected problems where appropriate. This sensitizes students to the fact that engineering problems do not have a single answer and many different routes lead to a correct solution.The first new mainstream text in engineering mechanics in nearly twenty years, Plesha, Gray, and Costanzo’s Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics will help your students learn this important material efficiently and effectively.

HTML5 multimedia developer’s guide


Author Ken Bluttman
Place of Publication New York
Date of Publication c2012
Publisher McGraw-Hill

Now you can create rich, interactive content in the browser and deploy it across all platforms. HTML5 Multimedia Developer’s Guide shows you how. You’ll learn to use the revolutionary new features of HTML5, including the native audio, video, and drawing elements that eliminate the need for third-party plug-ins. New tags, the simplified doctype, local data storage, drag-and-drop, and geolocation are also covered. Detailed code examples illustrate the techniques discussed. By the end of the book, you’ll be able to develop amazing multimedia applications and websites with HTML5.

  • Use canvas for drawing, animation, effects, and events
  • Create and view videos with the native video element
  • Add and play audio files with the native audio element
  • Take advantage of local data storage functions
  • Apply drag-and-drop functionality
  • Build location-aware web pages with the geolocation property
  • Develop well-structured pages using the new semantic layout tags
  • Add functionality to web forms with the new form objects
  • Learn about new CSS3 properties and enhancements
  • Use the editable content and offline files features
  • Work with JavaScript and other technologies


Probability demystified, 2nd ed.


Author Allan G. Bluman
Place of Publication New York
Date of Publication c2012
Publisher McGraw-Hill

Stack the odds in your favor for mastering probability

Don’t leave your knowledge of probability to chance. Instead, turn to Probability Demystified, Second Edition, for learning fundamental concepts and theories step-by-step.

This practical guide eases you into the subject of probability using familiar items such as coins, cards, and dice. As you progress, you will master concepts such as addition and multiplication rules, odds and expectation, probability distributions, and more. You’ll learn the relationship between probability and normal distribution, as well as how to use the recently developed Monte Carlo method of simulation. Detailed examples make it easy to understand the material, and end-of-chapter quizzes and a final exam help reinforce key ideas.

It’s a no-brainer! You’ll learn about:

  • Classical probability
  • Game theory
  • Actuarial science
  • Addition rules
  • Bayes’ theorem
  • Odds and expectation
  • Binomial distribution

Simple enough for a beginner, but challenging enough for an advanced student, Probability Demystified, Second Edition, helps you master this essential subject.


Structural design of low-rise buildings in cold-formed steel, reinforced masonry, and structural timber


Author J.R. Ubejd Mujagic
Place of Publication New York
Date of Publication c2012
Publisher McGraw-Hill

This practical reference discusses the types of low-rise building structural systems, outlines the design process, and explains how to determine structural loadings and load paths pertinent to low-rise buildings. Characteristics and properties of materials used in the construction of cold-formed steel, reinforced masonry, and structural timber buildings are described along with design requirements. The book also provides an overview of noncomposite and composite open-web joist floor systems. Design code requirements referenced by the 2009 International Building Code are used throughout. This is an ideal resource for structural engineering students, professionals, and those preparing for licensing examinations.

Structural Design of Low-Rise Buildings in Cold-Formed Steel, Reinforced Masonry, and Structural Timber covers:

  • Low-rise building systems
  • Loads and load paths in low-rise buildings
  • Design of cold-formed steel structures
  • Structural design of reinforced masonry
  • Design of structural timber
  • Structural design with open-web joists

UX best practices : how to achieve more impact with user experience


Author Helmut Degen
Place of Publication New York
Date of Publication c2012
Publisher McGraw-Hill


Deliver superior products and escalate your market share by employing real-world user experience success strategies from global corporations. Featuring in-depth case studies from Yahoo!, Siemens, SAP, Haier, Intuit, Tencent, and more, UX Best Practices: How to Achieve More Impact with User Experience offers proven methods for instituting user-centered design in industrial environments.

Discover how to integrate user experience activities into product development processes for investment and consumer goods in different regions, reduce product complexity, increase product quality, and boost the bottom line. This comprehensive guide covers a variety of user experience techniques, such as analyzing user needs and expectations, creating design concepts, prototyping, using agile development, conducting usability testing, developing user interface guidelines, defining user interface patterns, and specifying metrics.

  • Communicate objectives and user requirements in design briefs
  • Establish end-to-end UX-centered development policies
  • Foster collaboration between managers, designers, and engineers
  • Integrate user experience metrics into business target frameworks and the product development process
  • Employ agile development and design thinking methods
  • Collect, measure, and analyze usability data
  • Employ a User Experience Evaluation System to identify problems
  • Convey and assess design ideas quickly using prototypes
  • Achieve consistency across products with UI patterns and libraries

Vibrations of continuous systems


Author Arthur W. Leissa
Place of Publication New York
Date of Publication c2011
Publisher McGraw-Hill

Written by experts in the field, Vibrations of Continuous Systems expalins the vibrational behavior of basic structural components and elements. Several real-world applications in various fields, including acoustics and aerospace, mechanical, civil, and biomedical engineering, are highlighted. The book includes the derivation of the governing equations of motion and emphasizes the interplay between mathematics and physical understanding. Challenging end-of-chapter problems reinforce the concepts presented in this detailed guide.


  • Transverse vibrations of strings
  • Longitudinal and torsional vibrations of bars
  • Beam vibrations
  • Membrane vibrations
  • Plate vibrations
  • Shell vibrations
  • Vibrations of three-dimensional bodies
  • Vibrations of composite continuous systems

Priority sites for conservation in the Philippines : key biodiversity areas


Author DENR
Place of Publication Quezon City
Date of Publication c2006
Publisher DENR

The Philippines, with its more than 20,000 endemic species of plants and animals, is one of the world’s 17 “megadiversity” countries, which collectively claim two-thirds of the earth’s biological diversity within their boundaries.

Climate change & the role of forests : a community manual


Author Susan Stone
Place of Publication S.I.
Date of Publication c2010
Publisher Conservation International

This manual presents basic information on the natural processes that affect climates; the reasons why the climate is changing; some of the impacts of climate change that have already happened; and how the world’s governments are working to solve the problems caused by climate change now and in the future.