New Civil Engineering Undergraduate Theses @ EnggLib2 as of August 18, 2016

Study of submerged breakwaters for erosion mitigation along a Philippine beach coast  / John Paul E. Abad (LG 993.5 2013 E63 A23)

Non-linear dynamic analysis and simulation of a 2-dimensional wall/ Timothy John S. Acosta (LG 993.5 2013 E63 A26)

Variation of SWST-N value with moisture content of sandy soils / Ian Kaye Alejandrino  (LG 993.5 2013 E63 A44)

Trip generation modelling of Lipa City / Dominic S. Aloc                             (LG 993.5 2013 E63 A46)

Policy formulation of storm water detention schemes and its effectiveness in urban residential zones / Maria Anjelica P. Ancheta                                     (LG 993.5 2013 E63 A53)

Identification of traffic bottlenecks inside the UP Diliman campus / Diana B. Andino (LG 993.5 2013 E63 A535)

Public transport supply and demand for UP campus / Jonard A. Apilado       (LG 993.5 2013 E63 A65)

Quality control for bored pile construction / Ederlyn J. Bandong                 (LG 993.5 2013 E63 B36)

Laboratory investigation of gabion type low dam with vermicast as core material / Ralph John P. Barte (LG 993.5 2013 E63 B37)

Development of fragility curves due to severe wind loads for billboards in Metro Manila / Brent Benedict G. Bautista (LG 993.5 2013 E63 B38)

Investigation of the extreme scenario hydrologic response of Marikina watershed considering historical and land use change using DEM-based hydrologic models / Benzene June T. Billones (LG 993.5 2013 E63 B55)

Empirical threshold values of roof connections using pull-out test on nails and screws / Harvey O. Bisa (LG 993.5 2013 E63 B57)

Analyzing issues on the design, construction, and maintenance of pavements in the Philippines / Maricar R. Biscocho (LG 993.5 2013 E63 B573)

Constitutive relations of springs to model and simulate reinforced concrete frames / Nophi Ian D. Biton (LG 993.5 2013 E63 B58)

Locational analysis : centralized provincial bus terminals in Metro Manila / Carl John C. Buzon (LG 993.5 2013 E63 B89)

Development of a measurement system for laboratory experiments using LabVIEW / Romil D. Cahatol (LG 993.5 2013 E63 C34)

Assessment of RFID vehicular access control at the University of the Philippines Diliman campus using traffic microsimulation / Iris Joy M. Cañete (LG 993.5 2013 E63 C36)

Simulation of ultrasonic pulse in reinforced concrete / Armando S. Celso Jr. (LG 993.5 2013 E63 C45)

Development of origin-destination table covering EDSA bus routes covering routes with turnaround points from South to Northwest Metro Manila / Jake Aaron T. Chua Yap (LG 993.5 2013 E63 C48)

Survey of fire load in U.P. Diliman buildings / Jann Penny II A. Clavecilla       (LG 993.5 2013 E63 C53)

Hydrologic response to climatic variations of a cascade of terraces / Arlene Joy C. Co (LG 993.5 2013 E63 C63)

In-situ assessment of fire-damaged concrete and concrete members using direct ultrasonic pulse velocity technique / Dyke Jetrie C. Concepcion         (LG 993.5 2013 E63 C66)

Back calculation of shear strength of landslides in the Philippines / Raphael C. del Rosario (LG 993.5 2013 E63 D45)

Compliance of Philippine jeepneys with selected national vehicle regulations and standards / Raphael Christian C. Dela Cruz                             (LG 883.5 2013 E63 D453)

Vulnerability of clustered makeshift houses to severe wind loadings / Joseph Romeo M. Diño (LG 993.5 2013 E63 D56)

Laboratory investigation of the permeability of gypsum treated Diliman silt /Givette Kristine Y. Esguerra (LG 993.5 2013 E63 E84)

Study on the applicability of a caisson breakwater to Manila Bay coastline / Victor Francisco S. Guzman (LG 993.5 2013 E63 G89)

The effects of TerraZyme on the shear strength of soils / Mark Ivan R. Juinio and Gideon L. Valdez (LG 993.5 2013 E63 J85)

Ground improvement using granular piles/piers : case studies in the Philippines / Renanne SM. Lafrades (LG 993.5 2013 E63 L34)

Determination of the vertical siting conditions for a water supply facility near flood control gates due to historical storms / Jane Clarice R. Laurente (LG 993.5 2013 E63 L38)

Hydraulic analysis and design specifications of a stormwater tunnel to divert Marikina River floodwaters to Agos River / Ramene U. Lim                   (LG 993.5 2013 E63 L56)

Assessment of vehicle speeds and traffic safety along Commonwealth Avenue / Hazel E. Maata (LG 993.5 2013 E63 M33)

Improving the passenger queue conditions of North and Taft Avenue stations of Metro Rail Transit 3 / Michael B. Macaraig                                 (LG 993.5 2013 E63 M333)

Quantification of epistemic uncertainty of fragility curves due to severe wind of residential buildings in Metro Manila / Lawrence B. Medina               (LG 993.5 2013 E63 M43)

Characterization of ultrasonic pulse in reinforced concrete as the corrosion of reinforcing bars progresses with time / Vince Gerard S. Mesias                 (LG 993.5 2013 E63 M47)

Assessment of fire-damaged concrete structures using color image analysis : a case study / Nicole C. Miranda (LG 993.5 2013 E63 M57)

Development of the bus passenger origin-destination table of EDSA-Commonwealth routes / Angelica Dawn Q. Neri (LG 993.5 2013 E63 N47)

Earthquake-induced permanent deformations of tailings dams / Jerome G. Pascual (LG 993.5 2013 E63 P37)

Pile capacity determination by static load tests / Flor Angel G. Prelligera (LG 993.5 2013 E63 P74)

Development of fragility curves of self-supporting trussed towers considering severe wind loading / Edgar Allan D. Robles                           (LG 993.5 2013 E63 R63)

Detection and quantification of non-revenue water due to pilferage in a pipe distribution network using EPANET with complex optimization algorithm / Jan Kenneth C. Salvacion (LG 993.5 2013 E63 S25)

Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis on Ortigas Center / Edgar Mari S. Saroca (LG 993.5 2013 E63 S27)

Innovative retrofit of unreinforced CHB wall-type houses / Nikkei Pfeiffer M. Tadili (LG 993.5 2013 E63 T33)

Development of a protocol for fire testing of columns / Kevin C. Tan             (LG 993.5 2013 E63 T36)

Development of fragility curves for C4-H buildings using consecutive modal pushover / John Lemar M. Tirao (LG 993.5 2013 E63 T57)

Effects of reinforcing bars in ultrasonic pulse and rebound number measurement in concrete / Mary Jane F. Venus (LG 993.5 2013 E63 V46)

Study of typhoon-induced storm surge along Manila Bay based on SLOSH modeling / Jan Reuel D. Villacrusis (LG 993.5 2013 E63 V55)

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