New Titles of EEE Undergraduate Student Projects

Automatic phoneme-level segmentation and transcription of the Filipino speech corpus using split temporal context and hybrid-HMM network architecture / Joseph Christian B. Mendoza, Michael S. Morales.

Built-in self-test implementation on DLX microprocessor / Marie Sheridan Tomes Garcia, Jeb William Manuel Garvida.

Characterization of spiral inductor topologies for GaAs MMIC applications / Emmanuel S. Bueta, Christianne E. Lat.

Design and implementation of a closed-loop static balance system for YICAL Leg II / Raymond Alvin L. Broas, Bonjiro Carlo Y. Laforteza.

Design and implementation of operational amplifiers with programmable characteristics in a 90nm CMOS Process / Sherlyn Caubalejo dela Cruz, Mark Gerard Trinos delos Reyes, Terence Co Gaffud.

Development of a radial distribution system analysis tool / Vida Joan G. Gumera, Chuckie O. Toque.

DLX compiler duo : C compiler for the dual core DLX microprocessor / Shiela Marie U. Jabat, Lalaine R. Mañalac.

DLXPlus : a DLX processor simulator with memory subsystem / Michelle A. Diaz, Aljino G. Lambino, Christine P. Po.

An ethernet-based three-phase electricity meter communicating using DNP3 protocol / Adrian Meinard R. Figueras.

Fabrication and control of a test platform for vision-based attitude estimation system / Reya Angela S. de Ocampo, Kathlyn Charmaine J. Uy.

Implementation of a 32-bit dual core ARM7 microprocessor with single level cache / Janelle Legaspi Castro … [et al.]

Implementation of occupancy grid-based mapping algorithm on ATRV-mini platform with Openwrt / Divina Joy M. dela Cruz, Ezmorazher M. Tiblani.

Implementation of the complete ARM7TDMI-S instruction set on a debug-capable core / Anne Lorraine Sadueste Luna, Christina Marianne Gervasio Mantaring, Maria Patricia Rouelli Garcia Sabino.

Power optimization of the ARM7 microprocessor with single-precision floating-point coprocessor / Venson John Domingo, Ian Earl Navarro, Maria Matelle Tarroza.

Practical implementation of an FFT-based spectrum analyzer / N. Fernando B. Bautista, Leonard Bryan B. Paet, Michelle Anne D. Rosacay

Visio Vox : SIP videophone system on LAN / Michael Q. Ignacio.

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