Full text access to ALL ScienceDirect Journals, now available!

The University of the Philippines, as a member institution of the Philippine eLib project, now has full text access to all ScienceDirect Journals or what is known as the Freedom Collection. Access to the Freedom collection entitles users to full text privileges in ScienceDirect journals in all subject collections, particularly for journal titles and issues whose publication date is from 1995 to present.

Full text access is indicated by color coded subscription details. A green key at the right side of the journal title means full text access is available. A green paper icon at the left side of the article means that the full text can be downloaded in PDF format.

Subscription to the Freedom Collection is until December 2010 only.

ScienceDirect can be accessed thru http://sciencedirect.com. Access is IP authenticated. For remote access privileges, please contact the College of Engineering Library.

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