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Chemical Engineering  (ChE) Plant Design Undergraduate Theses


Production of food grade Xanthan gum from sugarcane molasses / Albay, Crisha Angeli  (LG 993 2005 E62 A43)

 A plant design on the production of propylene glycol from crude glycerol / Arlantico, May Antonette P.  (LG 993 2009 E62 A75)

Ethanol and caustic silica production from rice hull : a plant design / Cuya, Olive Chester M. (LG 993 2009 E62 C89)

Integrated frozen concentrated dalandan juice extract and powdered pectin plant  / Domingo, Lorielyn A. (LG 993 2009 E62 D66)

Plant design of Jatropha curcas oil as biodiesel feedstock  / Enecio, Maria Leanna (LG 993 2009 E62 E54)

Production of lactic acid from simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of base-pretreated rice bran / Agutaya, Jonas Karl Christopher N.  (LG 993 2010 E62 A38)

Production of refined and semi-refined carrageenan from red seaweeds : a plant design / Bondoc, Gladys Anne F. (LG 993 2010 E62 B66)

Rice bran cooking oil production : a plant design / Camacho, Gina Lyn Q. (LG 993 2010 E62 C36)

Fruit-blended yogurt from carabao milk and coconut milk powder : a plant design  / Dancel, Sherry Rose G.  (LG 993 2010 E62 D36)

Production of acid-degummed castor oil from castor beans by supercritical fluid extraction by propane : a plant design / Dela Rosa, Adriane Carlos P.  (LG 993 2010 E62 D45)

A polyethylene terephthalate (PET) depolymerization recycling plant in the Philippines : a plant design / Gonzales, David T.  (LG 993 2010 E62 G66)

Cashew nut shell liquid plant design and operation : a plant design  / Lim, Dennis Karlo E. (LG 993 2010 E62 L56)

Bio-ethanol production from duckweeds : a plant design / Mora, Joy Marie R. (LG 993 2010 E62 M67)

Continuous fat splitting plant using immobilized Candida rugosa lipase coupled with a continuous saponification plant / Fajardo, Hazel Ann R.  (LG 993 2011 E62 F35)

Production of double fortified salt from sea water / Sumera, Lawrence V. (LG 993 2011 E62 S86)

Nutraceutical rice bran oil manufacturing plant using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction process : a plant design / Abad, Jonabel F. (LG 993 2012 E62 A23) Volume 1 and 2

 Citric acid monohydrate production plant using sugarcane bagasse as substrate in solid-state fermentation : a plant design / Arabit, Jimyl M.  (LG 993 2012 E62 A73)

ElectriCorn : two-stage gasification of corn stover for combined heat and power generation : a plant design / Arandia, Kenneth G. (LG 993 2012 E62 A74)

Conversion of municipal solid waste into 32 MW electricity through pyrolysis : a plant design / Asinas, Lovielyn Krystel G.  (LG 993 2012 E62 A85)

Xanthan gum production via ultrafiltration using hydrolyzed molasses, with fructose as by-product : a plant design / Azurin, Erika Claire J. (LG 993 2012 E62 A98)

Antibacterial and antioxidant natural soap from katuray (Sesbania grandiflora) leaf extracts : a plant design / Baril, Lorie Anne F.  (LG 993 2012 E62 B37)

Manufacture of xylitol via catalytic hydrogenation of Philippine sugarcane bagasse over Ru/C catalyst : a plant design / Baring, John Leo G.  (LG 993 2012 E62 B38)

Hydrogen production from swine waste through steam methane reforming : a plant design / Candare, Rudolph Joshua U.  (LG 993 2012 E62 C36)

Power generation and material recovery from scrap tire pyrolysis : a plant design / Castillo, Justine F.  (LG 993 2012 E62 C37)

Lead recovery facility : used lead-acid car battery recycling : a plant design / Chicombing, Jason D. (LG 993 2012 E62 C45)

Large-scale mango wine and puree production plant in the Philippines : a plant design / Chua, Annabellee D.  (LG 993 2012 E62 C48)

Diisopropyl ether production from acetone feedstock employing a gradient reactor : a plant design / Garcia, Lester Anne B. (LG 993 2012 E62 G37)

L-lactic acid production by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of cassava bagasse / Gordula, Karen Ann B.  (LG 993 2012 E62 G67)

Metal recovery from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) : a plant design / Matienzo, DJ Donn C.  (LG 993 2012 E62 M38)

Production of High Fructose Syrup (HFS) from glucose derived from oil palm trees : a plant design / Madulid, Nasiari M. (LG 993 2012 E62 M33)

Rice hull gasification for rural electrification in Northern Mindanao / Albano, Renz G.  (LG 993 2013 E62 A43)

Design of medium scale bioethanol production plant and polyphenol extraction facility from banana rejects  / Almanzor, Aldrine Ogena (LG 993 2013 E62 A46)

Philippine white distilled vinegar manufacturing plant using banana fruit : a plant design / Alura, Rennie (LG 993 2013 E62 A48)

Production of pectin from mango (Mangifera indica L.) peels : a plant design  / Arsitoy, Megan E. (LG 993 2013 E62 A77)

Feasibility of a small-scale dairy plant processing locally sourced carabao’s and cow’s milk in Quezon : plant design / Baricaua, Patricia Tomo  (LG 993 2013 E62 B37)

TiMP1 : the first and only titanium dioxide manufacturing plant in the Philippines : plant design and economic evaluation / Cabato, Navrielle T. (LG 993 2013 E62 C33)

Fuel-grade ethanol production via gasification of rice husk : a plant design / Cajudo, John Matthew V.  (LG 993 2013 E62 C35)

Anhydrous ammonia production using compressed natural gas : a plant design / Cerezo, Karl Rodney V. (LG 993 2013 E62 C47)

Production of spray-dried enzyme-modified cheese powder : a plant design / Chua, Timothy Moses (LG 993 2013 E62 C48)

Extraction of plant protein and solanesol from tobacco leaves : process plant feasibility study and design for the Philippine setting / De Chavez, Reynaldo  (LG 993 2013 E62 D43)

Osmotic power plant in the Agno River-Lingayen Gulf Delta System, Philippines : a plant design / Esguerra, Jasper Powell S. (LG 993 2013 E62 E84)

Production of biodiesel from waste cooking oil via two-step catalysis : a plant design / Galman, Van Mintello E. (LG 993 2013 E62 G35)

Bioethanol production from cassava feedstock : a plant design / Gibas, Johanna Angelique L. (LG 993 2013 E62 G53)

Multiple product plant utilizing the native produce of the T’boli and B’laan communities : a plant design / Leonardo, Ma. Caterina A. (LG 993 2013 E62 L46)

Integrated carbon nanotube and fuel oil production from scrap tire pyrolysis : a plant design / Lim, Angella Rainbow H. (LG 993 2013 E62 L56)

Eyes from ears : production of lutein-rich corn oil via ethanol extraction / Melchor, Daniel Linus Rellora (LG 993 2013 E62 M45)

Hydrogen and syngas production via coal gasification for industrial chemical synthesis and power generation : plant design / Orillosa, Eljon Noel D. (LG 993 2013 E62 O75)

Operation and installation of an industrial scale ethylene oxide plant using direct oxidation process : a plant design / Reyes, Maria Angelica D.  (LG 993 2013 E62 R49)

Production of dimethyl carbonate via urea transesterification : a plant design / Salonga, Myca Patricia L. (LG 993 2013 E62 S25)

Lactic acid and polylactic acid production from molasses : a plant design / Aparre, Mark John A. (LG 993 2014 E62 A63)

Industrial scale production of citric acid from molasses using submerged fermentation : a plant design / Bajet, Linnaeus Iel Iveney P. (LG 993 2014 E62 B34)

BLT Corp : the first pectin production plant in the Philippines : a plant design / Balmes, Ma. Raisah Averiel P.  (LG 993 2014 E62 B35)

Citric acid production from pineapple waste through solid state fermentation : a plant design / Battung, Elaine Joy T. (LG 993 2014 E62 B38)

Production of sorbitol and ethanol from sugarcane molasses fermentation by Zymomonas mobilis : a plant design / Canlas, Paulette C. (LG 993 2014 E62 C36)

Heterogeneous biomass combined cycle gasification for energy generation in Northern Mindanao : a plant design / Esparcia, Eugene (LG 993 2014 E62 E87)

Production of poly-lactic acid from lactic acid : a plant design / Fonacier, Mark Dominic G. (LG 993 2014 E62 F66)

Biodiesel production from rice hulls using fast pyrolysis : a plant design / Gacuan, Jake M.  (LG 993 2014 E62 G33)

Bagasse fired power plant with carbon dioxide recovery : a plant design / Guevara, Rafael Jose  (LG 993 2014 E62 G84)

Copper chromium catalyst for the production of propylene glycol and acetol from bio-glycerol : a plant design / Pena, Rosely D.  (LG 993 2014 E62 P46)

Production of polyethylene by dehydration of bioethanol and subsequent polymerization : a plant design / Agbayani, David Brylle A. (LG 993 2015 E62 A33)

Low-pressure direct ammonia synthesis from hydrogen and nitrogen using cobalt molybdenum bimetallic nitride catalyst : a plant design / Alba, Bianca Christina S. (LG 993 2015 E62 A43)

Production of propylene glycol via the hydrogenolysis of glycerol over Cu-ZnO/Al2O3 catalysts : a plant design  / Baccay, Ma. Eira Clara M. (LG 993 2015 E62 B33)

Production of propylene oxide through the integrated process of direct H202 synthesis and the catalized epoxidation of propylene : a plant design / Baria, Angelica May E. (LG 993 2015 E62 B37)

Two-step methanol to olefins process design / Benedicto, Raneila (LG 993 2015 E62 B46)

Sulfuric acid production plant from pyrite : a plant design / Chua, Charlene Lynette (LG 993 2015 E62 C48)

Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene : a plant design / Estrada, Gilleanne (LG 993 2015 E62 E88)

Biochar production through hydrothermal carbonization of sewage sludge : a plant design / Abaya, Rodgee F.  (LG 993 2016 E62 A23)

Continuous production of paracetamol via reduction of nitrobenzene over a platinum-carbon catalyst para-aminophenol route / Andrion, Clarence (LG 993 2016 E62 A53)

Production of renewable diesel via the catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of fatty acids in palm oil : a plant design / Asprec, Renz Marvin S. (LG 993 2016 E62 A87)

Ammonia production from nitrogen and hydrogen supplied via pipeline using iron catalyst : a plant design / Bukuhan, Kirsten Duane M. (LG 993 2016 E62 B85)

Feasibility study of mannitol production by catalytic hydrogenation of fructose from Citrullus lanatus : a plant designCarpio, Ray Paulo (LG 993 2016 E62 C37)

Monascus red pigment production plant via submerged fermentation : a plant design / Gines, Kimberly A. (LG 993 2016 E62 G56)

Roasted coffee bean production : a plant design / Jovellana, John Andrew Kane P.  (LG 993 2016 E62 J68)

Bioethanol from crude glycerol : a plant design / Ilao, Almajoy P. (LG 993 2016 E62 I43)

Sorbitol production by the catalytic hydrogenation of cassava-derived glucose over an activated carbon supported platinum catalyst : a plant design / Quintero, Ramon Paolo T. (LG 993 2016 E62 Q56)

Hydrodealkylation of toluene for the production of benzene : a plant design / Talampas, Jerome P. (LG 993 2016 E62 T35)

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