New Graduate Theses and Dissertation Theses@EnggLib2 as of April 24, 2018

 Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dissertation

Integrated disaster risk management and urban planning for flood resilience : a methodology using loosely coupled machine learning and geographic information system/Cruz, Gene Oliver B. (LG 996 2017 E653 C78)

Synthesis and application of activated biochar from the slow pyrolysis of municipal solid wastes for the removal of organic contaminants from aqueous solutions/Genuino, Divine Angela D. (LG 996 2017 E653 G46)

Microbial population dynamics in a semi-continuous anaerobic system treating lipid-rich wastewater/Nguyen, Kiem Khac (LG 996 2017 E653 N48)

Doppler tolerant modified P4 code (DTMP4 code) for pulse compression radar/ De Jesus, Neon S. (LG 996 2018 E643 D45)

Utilization of groundwater treatment sludge and sludge-derived manganese dioxide for the removal of nickel ions from aqueous solutions/Ong, Dennis C. (LG 996 2018 E653 O54)

Computer Science (CS) Graduate Theses

News objectivity classification using linguistic features and machine learning models/Edrosa, Loraine Corese T. (LG 995 2017 C65 E37)

Resilient sensor placement in water distribution networks using multiobjective evolutionary algorithms/Tingzon, Isabelle B. (LG 995 2018 C65 T56)

Opportunistic named data networking improvements via load balancing/Lorenzo, John Bennedict T. (LG 995 2018 C65 L67)

Electrical Engineering (EE) Graduate Theses

Fast charging of lithium-ion batteries using peak power estimation/Baduria, John Patrick N. (LG 995 2017 E64 B33)

MPPT-controlled adaptive reconfigurable 5.8GHz RF energy harvesting front-end to extend operating range/Lopez, Aristotle D. (LG 995 2017 E64 L67)

Fault location in the distribution system with load profile based variation compensation/Orpilla, Michael B. (LG 995 2017 E64 O77)

Near-field electric field limit for radiated emission pre-compliance/Tolentino, Adrian M. (LG 995 2017 E64 T65)

Modularized cell balancing circuit using chain structure switched capacitor and bi-directional buck-boost converter/Bonavente, Daryll P. (LG 995 2018 E64 B66)

Effects of bandlimited RF power amplifiers on LINC performance/Martin, Kevin M. (LG 995 2018 E64 M37)

Civil Engineering (CE) Graduate Theses

Application of universal kriging in the design and analysis of streamflow gauging network in Magat River basin/Velasco, Matthew S. (LG 995 2017 E63 V45)

Design and fabrication of air uplift chamber for testing roof panel systems in the Philippines/Bisa, Harvey O. (LG 995 2018 E63 B57)

Synthesis, characterization, and application of agar/alginate/k-carrageenan hydrogel blends for water retention in soil/De Chavez, Reynaldo C. (LG 995 2018 E62 D43)

Implementation of US Environmental Protection Agency’s storm water management model (US EPA SWMM) to assess the flood drainage system of the University of the Philippines Diliman campus/Lumbera, Maxell P. (LG 995 2018 E63 L86)

Modeling the effects of rainfall intensity on speed-flow-density relationship at North Luzon Expressway (NLEX)/Mejia, Hanzel N. (LG 995 2018 E63 M45)

Environmental Engineering (EE) Graduate Theses

Effects of nitrite on the abatement efficiency of 17a-ethinylestradiol during treatment of synthetic municipal wastewater effluent with UV and UV/H2O2/Narvato, Kathleen Jane F. (LG 995 2017 E653 N37)

Isolation, characterization, and application of cellulose nanofibers derived from coconut husk fibers using chemical-ultrasonic process/Fuentes, Enrile B. (LG 995 2018 E653 F84)

Coupling environmental modeling with GIS as a tool for assessing water quality in Nhue Watershed, Vietnam/Le Phu, Tuan (LG 995 2013 E653 L47)

Multi-functional, highly fluorescent carbon dots from enokitake mushroom (Flammulina velutipes) for metal ion sensing and imaging applications/Pacquiao, Melvin R. (LG 995 2018 E653 P33)

Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Thesis

Experimental and molecular dynamics studies of plasma-HDPE surface interactions/Mella, Aubrey Faith M. (LG 995 2018 M37 M45)

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