Latest Theses and Dissertations as of July 24, 2019

EEE Graduate Theses

Solar PV integrated hosting capacity analysis with Volt-VAr compensation / Anonas, Samuel David S. (LG 995 2018 E64 A56)

Modularized cell balancing circuit using chain structure switched capacitor and bi-directional buck-boost converter / Bonavente, Daryll P. (LG 995 2018 E64 B66)

Trajectory tracking for an autonomous passenger vehicle / Capati, Randel M. (LG 995 2018 E64 C37)

Effects of varying material properties on the vibro-acoustic and tonal quality of classical guitar / Lucas, Crisron Rudolf G. (LG 995 2018 E64 L83)

Effects of bandlimited RF power amplifiers on LINC performance / Martin, Kevin M. (LG 995 2018 E64 M37)

Optimal energy schedule and incentive design for interruptible load contracts / Mercado, Miguel Alberto C. (LG 995 2018 E64 M47)

Data center heat distribution modeling using onboard sensors / Rubio, Jessi Christa R. (LG 995 2018 E64 R83)

Optimal oversampling using probabilistic error modeling in low-power digital energy detection receivers / Santos, Christopher G. (LG 995 2018 E64 S25)

Distribution system state estimator using SCADA and μPMU measurements / Santos, Ren Zedec S. (LG 995 2018 E64 S26)

Dynamic spectrum access protocol for community cellular networks / Vidal, Adrian R. (LG 995 2018 E64 V53)

Development of residential interruption offer curves for the interruptible load program / Yap, Christian Angelo (LG 995 2018 E64 Y37)

Investigation of the photonic time stretch for frequency agility in communication systems / Selerio, Fatima B. (LG 995 2019 E64 S45 )


EEE Dissertations

Doppler tolerant modified P4 code (DTMP4 code) for pulse compression radar / De Jesus, Neon S. (LG 996 2018 E643 D45)

RT-CaCC : towards a cache-aware congestion control mechanism in wireless sensor networks / Alipio, Melchizedek I. (LG 996 2018 E64 A45)

An adaptive overcurrent relay coordination scheme for weakly meshed distribution networks with distributed generation / Pacis, Michael C. (LG 996 2019 E643 P33)


Environmental Engineering Graduate Theses

Optimization of operating parameters on the recovery of copper ions from vetiver grass [Chrysopogon zizanioides (L.) Roberty] biomass by leaching process / Aragua, Richelle A. (LG 995 2018 E653 A73)

Degradation of imidacloprid by fluidized-bed Fenton process / Battung, Elaine Joy T. (LG 995 2018 E653 B38)

Effects of varying pretreatment conditions on temperature-phased anaerobic co-digestion of sewage sludge and Chlorella vulgaris / Bondad, Cheassylynne B. (LG 995 2018 E653 B66)

Evaluation of the stream health condition of Nam Khan River in Laos using combined visual, hydrological and water quality assessment tools / Boupha, Kittisack (LG 995 2018 E653 B68)

Assessment and prediction of vehicular emissions in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City at various policy and technology scenarios using simple interactive model (SIM-air) / Caramoan, Ria M. (LG 995 2018 E653 C37)

Degradation of gaseous VOCs by advanced oxidation processes : UV-assisted ozonation and ultrasonication / Comia, Jose R. (LG 995 2018 E653 C66)

Carbon dots from polyurethane for pH and 4-nitrophenol sensing and selective detection of silver ion (Ag+) / Dela Cruz, Ma. Ivy S. (LG 995 2018 E653 D45)

Solvent-desorption and regeneration of neutral, basic and acidic activated alumina from desulfurization of dibenzothiophene sulfone / Feliciano, Reyson M. (LG 995 2018 E653 F45)

Isolation, characterization, and application of cellulose nanofibers derived from coconut husk fibers using chemical-ultrasonic process  / Fuentes, Enrile B.  (LG 995 2018 E653 F84)

Fate of bupropion and paroxetine in aerobic conventional and nitrifying activated sludge / Garcia, Vince Carlo C. (LG 995 2018 E653 G37)

Remote detection of placer deposits and iron-bearing minerals using the infrared spectrum for the identification of environmental monitoring sites in Benguet catchment / Isidro, Celso M. (LG 995 2018 E653 I85)

Total suspended solids (TSS) removal from mineral processing tailings using an anionic flocculant / Isidro, Donamae B. (LG 995 2018 E653 I853)

Adsorption, elution and stabilization of mercury from aqueous cyanide solutions and recyclability of the used Fe-MMT adsorbent materials / Lodo, Marjorie Jane (LG 995 2018 E653 L63)

Enhancing the thermal catalytic oxidation of toluene on Ce and Cu co-doped manganese oxide octahedral molecular sieve catalyst in a packed-bed reactor / Loreto, Fe Corazon B. (LG 995 2018 E653 L67)

Facile synthesis of nitrogen and fluorine doped 3-dimensional reduced graphene oxide electrode for the removal of copper ions by capacitive deionization / Mamaril, Gil Stefan S. (LG 995 2018 E653 M36)

Fixed-bed column adsorption of cationic and anionic azo dye by adlai hulls / Martin, Jean M. (LG 995 2018 E653 M37)

Forecasting of daily and next day’s particulate matter (PM2.5) concentration levels in Quezon City using models based on adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) / Moreno, Imee E. (LG 995 2018 E653 M67)

Comparative analysis of carbon dots from bamboo, coconut and mahogany wood for copper (II) ion sensing / Muega, Sherwin C. (LG 995 2018 E653 M84)

A Z-scheme concept of V2O5 and boron doped G-C3N4 nanocomposite for the photodegration of diclofenac sodium / Oliveros, April N. (LG 995 2018 E653 O45)

Multi-functional, highly fluorescent carbon dots from enokitake mushroom (Flammulina velutipes) for metal ion sensing and imaging applications  / Pacquiao, Melvin R. (LG 995 2018 E653 P33)

Estimation of pollution load and assessment of water quality in San Cristobal river basin using geographic information system (GIS) / Pagdingalan, Rowena J. (LG 995 2018 E653 P34)

Photodegradation of acetaminophen and sulfamethoxazole by visible-light-responsive g-C3N4 based 2D photocatalysts / Paragas, Larah Kriselle B. (LG 995 2018 E653 P37)

Cartap removal through Fenton oxidation in a fluidized-bed reactor / Rabongue, Anamie (LG 995 2018 E653 R33)

Removal of copper (II) ions using 3D reduced graphene oxide-polyaniline-halloysite nanotube for capacitive deionization process / Saavedra, Ivy Theresa A. (LG 995 2018 E653 S23)

An adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) approach to waste mobile phone estimation in the Philippines / Saludes, Roxanne Z. (LG 995 2018 E653 S25)

CO2 capture and utilization by KOH absorption and CaCO3 granulation in the fluidized-bed reactor / Sioson, Arianne Sebron (LG 995 2018 E653 S56)

Utilization of granulated coal ash (GCA) for treatment of nutrient-rich wastewater and improvement of water quality / Tiria, John Andrew A. (LG 995 2018 E653 T57)

Evaluation of nutrient dynamics leading to eutrophication in a polluted urban river, Pasig River, Philippines / Beak, Sophy (LG 995 2018 E653 B43)

Modeling of nutrients along Bued River with point sources of pollution / Tolentino, Mark Anthony G. (LG 995 2018 E653 T65)

Ammonium-nitrogen removal from synthetic wastewater by electrodialysis / Pingul-Ong, Sheila Mae B. (LG 996 2019 E653 P56)

Characterization, analysis, and recommendations for minimization of microplastics in Makati City creeks / Lumongsod, Stephanie Lou R. (LG 995 2019 E653 L86)

Removal of COD, turbidity and color in domestic wastewater using batch and continuous electrocoagulation system / Pempeña, Claribelle L. (LG 995 2018 E653 P46)

Removal of imididacloprid pesticide by catalytic percarbonate oxidation in homogeneous-batch and heterogeneous-fluidized bed reactions : catalyst synthesis, kinetics, optimization, and transformation products / Sablas, Michael M. (LG 995 2018 E653 S235)

Electrochemical oxidation and dissolution of refractory (Benguet) gold concentrate in hypochlorite solutions / Regidor, Hanna Czarise E. (LG 995 2019 E68 R44)


Environmental Engineering Dissertations

Nutrient removal in aquaculture wastewater and recovery as microalgae (Chlorella vulgaris and Scenedesmus quadricauda) biomass in alginate-chitosan matrix / Castro, Marion Lux Y. (LG 996 2018 E653 C37)

Microwave and ultrasound-assisted transesterification of microalgae using homogenous and heterogeneous alkali catalyst / Cercado, Alberto Paulo I. (LG 996 2018 E653 C47)

Treatment of municipal wastewater using submerged membrane electro-bioreactor (SMEBR) for the control of membrane fouling and the removal of emerging contaminants / Ensano, Benny Marie B. (LG 996 2018 E653 E57)

Utilization of groundwater treatment sludge and sludge-derived manganese dioxide for the removal of nickel ions from aqueous solutions  / Ong, Dennis C. (LG 996 2018 E653 O54)

Recovery of rare-earth metals (yttrium and europium) from waste computer monitor backlight utilizing NaCL in the leaching process / Sapitan, Jhomee Fe F. (LG 996 2018 E653 S27)

Phytoremediation of mine tailings, heavy metal contaminated coco peat and nanofiber membrane from small scale gold mining using Pteris vittata and Pityrogramma calomelanos /Win, Zar Che (LG 996 2018 E653 W56)


Energy Engineering Graduate Theses

Techno-economic feasibility study of tidal power plant with seawater pumped storage in the Philippines / Ibanez, Roderaid T. (LG 995 2018 E65 I23)

Nickel hydroxide nanostructures as anode catalyst for direct ethanol fuel cells / Lidasan, Jun Jeffri B. (LG 995 2018 E65 L53)

Performance effects of tubercle leading edge (TLE) on a cambered airfoil profile for vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) in steady wind / Lositano, Ian Carlo M. (LG 995 2018 E65 L67)

Techno-economic assessment of offshore wind energy in the Philippines / Maandal, Gerard Lorenz D. (LG 995 2018 E65 M33)

VAWT cluster parameter study on overall cluster performance / Silva, Jeffrey E. (LG 995 2018 E65 S55)

Poly(oligoethylene glycol methacrylate)-based polymer electrolyte for dye sensitized solar cell application / Saladaga, Imee A. (LG 995 2018 E65 S25)

Facile synthesis of a CoFe2O4-dopes tin disulfide in reduced graphene oxide matrix as anode material for lithium ion batteries / Salvador, Ruben W. (LG 995 2018 E65 S258)

Techno-economic assessment of PV system in socialized residential low-rise buildings in Metro Manila / Techno-economic assessment of PV system in socialized residential low-rise buildings in Metro Manila (LG 995 2019 E65 B54)

Modelling the energy consumption of socialized residential low-rise buildings in Metro Manila / Chan, Maxine Y. (LG 995 2019 E65 C43)

Characterization of thorium- and uranium-bearing allanite mineral from Palawan – a natural analogue for high level nuclear waste storage / Manzano-Dingle, Cheri Anne D. (LG 995 2018 E65 M369)

Investigating the adsorption of oxygen species on halogen-substituted monovacant graphene via density functional theory calculation / Geronia, Reynaldo M. (LG 995 2018 E65 G47)

Life cycle health impact assessment of coal power plants in Luzon / Laguerta, Marvin T. (LG 995 2019 E65 L34)

High renewable energy (solar and wind) penetration hybrid energy systems in off-grid islands for deep decarbonization / Pascasio, Jethro Daniel A. (LG 995 2019 E65 P37)

Electrode combination selection for biodregradable primary batteries / Togonon, Jazer Jose H. (LG 995 2019 E65 T64)


Energy Engineering Dissertations

Improving the stability of diesel emulsions with high pyrolysis bio-oil content by alcohol co-surfactants and high shear mixing strategies / Cruz, Louis Angelo D (LG 995 2018 E65 C78)

Biomethane production from low-strength wastewater in an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor : modelling methane production kinetics using sigmoidal growth functions and determining the effects of hydraulic retention time and reactor height on extracellular polymeric substances / Ebrada, Leni C. (LG 996 2018 E65 E27)

CFD modelling and experimental evaluation of a heat-driven ejector refrigeration system / Honra, Jaime P (LG 996 2018 E65 H66)

Reduced graphene oxide, MoS2 and graphene quantum dots for asymmetric supercapacitor application / Mamador, Charmyne B (LG 995 2018 E65 M36)

Numerical modelling of two-phase flow through an ejector for a novel modified single-flash geothermal power plant / Sohi, Hashemi (LG 996 2018 E65 H37)


MMM Undergraduate Theses

Photovoltaic and photocatalytic properties of bismuth oxyiodide-graphene nanocomposites / Mabuti, Levannie A. (LG 993.5 2018 M37 M33)

FA-CS-MELPH-C343 : synthesis, characterization and kinetics of a potential biocompatible, fluorescent and target specific anticancer prodrug / Raguindin, Ricky Kristan M. (LG 993.5 2018 M37 R34)

Extraction and purification of anthocyanin from Antidesma bunius for visible photocatalysis / Nonog, Ma. Eden Dorothy Q. (LG 993.5 2018 M37 N66)


MMM Graduate Theses

Optimization of the flotation circuit of a gold-pyrite processing plant by computer simulation / Tabell, Victor Oliver L. (LG 995 2018 E68 T33)

Particle growth from the reduction of gold (III) chloride using sodium metabisulfate and ascorbic acid / Verdijo, Michael Angelo O. (LG 995 2018 E68 V47)

Preparation and characterization of Ni/ScSZ as composite electrode material for solid oxide fuel cell and electrolysis cell applications / Garcia, Renz Marion G. (LG 995 2018 M37 G37)

Fabrication and characterization of nickel and yttria-stabilized zirconia composite electrode materials / Imperial, James Francis L. (LG 995 2018 M37 I47)

Fabrication of electrospun chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol) nanofiber mats and effects of RF plasma treatment / Latag, Glenn V. (LG 995 2018 M37 L38)

Experimental and molecular dynamics studies of plasma-HDPE surface interactions  / Mella, Aubrey Faith M. (LG 995 2018 M37 M45)

Fabrication and characterization of electrospun cellulose-reinforced polycaprolactone nanofibrous membrane filled with Moringa oleifera leaf powder / Pagaduan, James Nicolas M. (LG 995 2018 M37 P34)

Utilization of Musa paradisiaca peduncle fiber in the fabrication of natural fiber-reinforced composite / Sapin, Gilberto N. (LG 995 2018 M37 S27)

Synthesis and characterization of yttria and scandia co-doped zirconia as solid electrolyte / Villanueva, Matthew Bryan P. (LG 995 2018 M37 V55)

Effect of electrostatic interactions in the separation of magnetite and silica in aqueous media using enhanced gravity concentration / Baladad, Karlo Leandro D. (LG 995 2018 E68 B35)

Defect-mediated runaway oxidation of electroplated tin / Fabro, Marie Angelynne C. (LG 995 2018 E68 F33)

Mechanism of gold (III) chloride cementation by zinc, iron and aluminum / Maniaul, Joy Marisol F. (LG 995 2018 E68 M36)

Electrophoretic measurement of zeta potential of needle-generated gas bubble in aqueous solutions in the presence of collectors / Pascual, Juan Inocencio M. (LG 995 2018 E68 P37)

Development of a low-energy ion source system for the deposition of diamond-like carbon thin films / Cuevas, Andrea Gracia T. (LG 995 2018 M37 C84)

Development of a cold atmospheric pressure plasma jet for surface treatment applications / De Leon, Mark Jeffry D. (LG 995 2018 M37 D45)

Fabrication parameters affecting the thermal conductivity of polymer-based thermal interface material / Razonado, Ivy Ann C. (LG 995 2018 M37 R39)

Microwave plasma activation and acrylic acid grafting of polytetrafluoroethylene surfaces for biomedical applications / Valerio, John Kenneth C. (LG 995 2018 M37 V35)

Effect of electrostatic interactions in the separation of magnetite and silica in aqueous media using enhanced gravity concentration / Baladad, Karlo Leandro D. (LG 995 2018 E68 B35)

Defect-mediated runaway oxidation of electroplated tin / Fabro, Marie Angelynne C. (LG 995 2018 E68 F33)


MMM Dissertation

Electrophoretic deposition (EPD) of Na-montmorillonite nanoclay from clay mineral slurries / Bernardo, Ivyleen C. (LG 996 2018 M37 B47)

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