Latest Theses and Dissertations @ EnggLib2 as of September 16, 2019

Department of Computer Science Undergraduate Theses

An analysis of the sustainable development goals and the target interactions / Abaja, James Gabriel A. (LG 993.5 2019 C65 A23)

An agent-based model for seagrass production / Balingit, Ivan Carlo M. (LG 993.5 2019 C65 B35)

Post-disaster recolonization of mangrove forests with a stochastic agent-based model / Branzuela, Joseph Earl E. (LG 993.5 2019 C65 B73)

Remote microscopy diagnostics (ReMiDi) with machine learning in malaria parasite detection / Cajaljal, Patricia Mae G. (LG 993.5 2019 C65 C35)

PneumoDeL : pneumonia detection and localization in chest radiographs using RetinaNet / Gabriel, Kristianne Arielle (LG 993.5 2019 C65 G33)

Modelling, simulation and visualization of a multispecific Philippine seagrass meadow / Torres, Gabrielle Marie Q. (LG 993.5 2019 C65 T67)

Storm surge modeling, simulation, and early warning system in the Philippines using ADCIRC + SWAN / Valerio, Alezon Maxine (LG 993.5 2019 C65 V35)


Energy Engineering Graduate Theses

Effects of meteorological conditions in efficiency of solar photovoltaic panels / Abbagu, Eduard A. (LG 995 2019 E65 A23)

Preparation and characterization of porous LSM-YSZ composite electrode via solid-state reaction and glycine-nitrate process for solid oxide electrochemical cell applications / Benipayo, Ariana B. (LG 995 2019 E65 B46)

Energy demand modeling for the Philippine cement industry sector / Gerra, Lheander G. (LG 995 2019 E65 G47)

Causal relationship between energy consumption, economic growth, and CO2 emissions in the Philippines / Ibañez, Jessa A. (LG 995 2019 E65 I23)

Analysis on effects of variability of solar and wind energy and reserve planning in Luzon (Philippine) grid / Lagrama, Alyssa (LG 995 2019 E65 L335)

A LEAP based optimization model for generation expansion planning for the Philippines / Nobleza, Bryan Joseph C. (LG 995 2019 E65 N63)

Regional residential energy demand modeling of the Philippines / Petalio, Michael S. (LG 995 2019 E65 P48)

Co-pyrolysis of corn stover, narra, and ipil wastes with low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, and polypropylene : optimization based on synergy / Salvilla, John Nikko V. (LG 995 2019 E65 S25)

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