Dr. Guevara donates books to Engineering Library

Dr. Rowena Cristina L. Guevara, former Dean of the College of Engineering, recently added nineteen volumes to the library’s collection through her generous donation.

Listed below are the details of the donated books:

  1. Mechanical Engineering Design/ Joseph E. Shigley, Charles R. Mischke, Richard G. Budynas, 7th Edition, 2004.
  2. Spreadsheet Tools for Engineers Using Excel/ Bryon S. Gottfried, 3rd Edition, 2007.
  3. Methods, Standards, and Work Design/ Benjamin Niebel and Andris Freivalds, 11th Edition, 2003.
  4. Technology Today and Tomorrow/ Sharon A. Brusic, Ed. D, James F. Fales, Ed. D., CMfgE, Vincent F. Kuetemeyer, Ed. D, 4th Edition, 1999.
  5. Ultimate Aircraft /Philip Jarrett, 2000.
  6. Design of Machinery: an Introduction to the Synthesis and Analysis of Mechanisms and Machines / Robert L. Norton, 3rd Edition, 2004.
  7. Mechanics of Materials / Ferdinand P. Beer, E. Russell Johnston, Jr., John T. DeWolf, 4th Edition, 2006.
  8. Transportation Energy and Power Technology / Anthony E. Schwaller, 1989 (2 copies)
  9. AutoCAD 2007 Instructor : A Student Guide to Complete Coverage of AutoCAD’s Commands and Features /
  10. James A. Leach, 2007
  11. Business Driven Technology / Stephen Haag, Paige Baltzan, Amy Phillips, 2nd Edition, 2008
  12. Production Systems Technology / Henry R. Harms, Dennis Kroon, 1992
  13. Exploring Careers / Joan Kelly-Plate and Ruth Volz-Patton, 3rd Edition, 2000
  14. Safety and Sanitation / Michael R. Pepper, FMP, 2nd Edition, 1993
  15. Experience Technology Manufacturing Construction (Teacher’s Annotated Edition) / Henry R. Harms, Dennis K. Kroon, Ed. D and Marlene Weigel, 2nd Edition, 1997
  16. Marks’ Calculations for Machine Design / Thomas H. Brown Jr., 2005 (2 copies)
  17. Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology / McGraw-Hill, 5th Edition, 2005
  18. Process Systems Analysis and Control / Donald Coughanowr, 2nd Edition, 1991
  19. The McGraw-Hill Reader Issues Across the Disciplines / Gilbert H. Muller, 9th Edition, 2006
  20. Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis/ Mark Allen Weiss, 2nd Edition, 1995

Interested parties who may also like to similarly donate to the library may contact us thru 985-8000 loc. 3251, (telefax) 4348638, or e-mail at library@engglib2.upd.edu.ph.

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