New CS Undergraduate Theses: May 2011

Automating M-mode echocardiographic measurements for enhanced image analysis / Lynzle T. Baldelomar, Lester A. Nacu, Maria Charlene F. Reyes. (LG 993.5 2011 C65 B35 )

Himistu : embedded secure instant messaging feature for JET / Alvin Ian G. Del Rosario. (LG 993.5 2011 C65 D35)

Rainpour : an automated interpreter of variable precipitation forecast images / Samantha May Racho, Paul Rossener Regonia. (LG 993.5 2011 C65 R33)

A comparison between neural networks and support vector machine approaches in Tagalog part-of-speech tagging / Camille Dominique E. Reyes, Kevin Rainier S. Suba. (LG 993.5 2011 C65 R49)

TagaTRIS : a content-based Tagalog text readability indexing system using concept indexing with K-means algorithm / Michelle Louise S. Bosque, Rommel R. Ledesma, Hazel M. Loberas. (LG 993.5 2011 C65 B67)

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