New Titles of CS & EEE Undergraduate Student Projects : May 2009


A comparison of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) methods and an implementation of EKF SLAM on ATRV-Mini platform / Lalaine Michelle A. Chen, Maureen Gail G. Geray, Carl Immanuel L. Manalo. 2009

Eye tracking using an ordinary web camera / Kirstie Camille L. Ferre, Maribeth V. Mercado, Rona May U. Tadlas. 2009

REALISM : real-time hand gesture interface for surgeons and medical experts / David Louis M. Achacon Jr., Denise M. Carlos, Maryann Kaye Puyaoan. 2009

TALa : theft alert for laptops / Shelah R. Castro, Karen Camae C. Chua, Melany S. Rosales. 2009

TOMAJO people counter : counting people through video surveillance / Jose Paulo C. Hisole, McReman R. Manlagnit, Nureen Renee Guiaya. 2009

TRACE : tracking and pose recognition of adults in health care environments / Alethea C. Carampel, Joanna Heidi R. Castillo, Maria Franchesca T. Pituk. 2009


AWMS : automated weather monitoring system for remote microclimate applications / Gino Virgilio B. Tibajia. 2009

Characterization of local implementations of parabolic grid antenna systems / Hombrebueno, Ben Joseph V. 2009

Compiler implementation for the dual-core ARM7 microprocessor / Delas Alas, Jerome … [et. al.]. 2009

Core : aquatic environment remote data logging platform for aquaculture applications / Barrera, Christine Ann. D. .. [et. al.]. 2009

Design and implementation of a high sensitivity differential capacitance sensing circuit for MEMS accelerometers / Erik John C. Estrada. 2009

Development of a blimp-type mobile robot platform / Cristopher S. Olavario, Marc Milan D. Perez, Mary Grace M. Santos. 2009

Development of a high sensitivity MEMS accelerometer for bipedal robots / Lester Ryan G. Manglicmot, Jun King P. Minon. 2009

Development of an RFID-based lane-level positioning system / Brigitte Anne L. Bautista, Philip A. Martinez, Reniel Alexis N. Padua. 2009

A dimmable flyback high power LED driver with constant-current control / Roberto Emmanuel A. Carlos. 2009

Ima3x : design and implementation of an integrated multimedia environment / Ray Vincent D. Gomez. 2009

Implementation of a Zigbee based active RFID system / Reblora, Kevin Paul A. [and] Rufo, Neil Rico O. 2009

Incorporating duration and intonation models in Filipino speech synthesis / Lito Rodel S. Lazaro, Leslie L. Policarpio. 2009

Incorporating natural language processing techniques in Filipino speech recognition / Reginald M. Almonte, Michael Gringo Angelo R. Bayona, Patrick Simon T. Corrales. 2009

InCtrl HD : intuitive user interface control using Wii remote for high definition videoconferencing / Marc Jordan G. Angco, Riyeth P. Tanyag. 2009

JPEG movie over Zigbee mesh / Arianne T. David … [et. al.]. 2009

Lifelink : development of a portable telehealth device for remote monitoring of biomedical signals / Julius Miguel J. Broma, Arlan Roie A. Santos. 2009

Location-based messaging using an RFID-based access control system / Maria Elvira Tan Sacro-Lacap, Joeven Rex Lagman Dizon. 2009

Mini ATX front end converter for solar application / Rainville M. Pedro. 2009

MOBLOCKS : tangible user interface (TUI) for mobile robot control as an educational tool for preschoolers / Luther Paul D. R. Caranguian, Pablito O. Tolentino Jr. 2009

Motesart xp : wireless sensor network for monitoring temperature and relative humidity in art spaces / Robin Christian S. Juson, Bernard James U. Tan, Ian Christopher M. Tolentino. 2009

Optimized multiple output high current switch-mode power supply for mobile robot applications / Gaudan Albert Chekov L. Castillo. 2009

Passive UHF RFID tag velocity approximation using linear phased array / Siegfred D. Balon, Joseph Aurelio Arthur C. Buyco. 2009

Performance measurements of diversity combining technique using multiple antennas for IEEE 802.15.4 wireless personal area networks / Issa M. Paulino. 2009

Photovoltaic multimode charging with maximum power point tracking / Niño Christoper B. Ramos. 2009

Price-based unit commitment using Muller method / Arvin M. Tabunot. 2009

Rapidly deployable beam-switched 802.11 wireless distribution system / John Cezar L. Pascua, Grace G. Sasondoncillo. 2009

rfATOM : a UHF RFID system implementation on an x86 motherboard platform / Laurice C. Abueg, Roma Franz Iris F. Diaz, Cecille Anne V. Soriente. 2009

Selection of optimal conductor set and application to radial network topology / Yap, Kerwin Thomas L. 2009

SENSLOPE : development of alternative cost-effective instrumentation and sensor networks for monitoring landslides and slope features / Rosanno JC de Dios, Jason Enriquez, Francis Gabriel Victorino. 2009

SMS application with unlimited service registration and indicator / Leonardo B. Bustamante Jr., Robert Ray D. Labatorio. 2009

A solution to price-based unit commitment using Lagrange relaxation combined with particle swarm optimization / Rafael V. Soriano. 2009

Solution to the unit commitment and economic dispatch problem of Luzon grid to optimize NPC and Meralco bilateral contracts with independent power producers / Joris Noel P. Basa. 2004

SUGPO: a rough terrain mobile robot for remote applications? phase II / Jesus Celrin V. Macavinta, Jr., John Ceasar G. Villarin. 2009

Voice over ZigBee mesh network (Voize) / John Carlo N. Nacion, Jefferson C. Dizon, Vincent Cris M. del Mundo. 2009

W.A.T.E.R. : wastewater analysis and treatment equipment routine / Goldie Anne M. Templonuevo, Jardine Sher C. Villarruz. 2009


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