New EEE and CS Graduate Theses: July 2011

EEE Theses

System-level analog architecture design for WiMAX direct-conversion receivers in 90nm CMOS / Lendl Israel Makabenta Alunan (LG 995 2010 E64 A48)

Comparison of integrated LNA-mixer topologies for WiMAX applications in a standard 90-nm CMOS process / Michael Angelo G. Lorenzo (LG 995 2011 E64 L67)

A 10MHz 3rd order Butterworth Gm-C low-pass filter in a 90nm CMOS process / Sherwin Paul Roldan Almazan (LG 995 2011 E64 A46)

Implementation of a multiple beamformer for coarse localization of passive UHF RFID tags /Roy Repalda Flores (LG 995 2011 E64 F56)

Greenfield approach to the reference network benchmarking methodology for performance-based regulation of distribution utilities /Warren John B. Ong Pe (LG 995 2011 E64 O54)

Impact assessment of wind power penetration on the operating reserve of the Luzon grid /Dave Andrew F. Opiso (LG 995 2011 E64 O65)

A study of cache sub-ranking and block buffering as power reduction techniques for multiprocessor cache design /Jestoni V. Zarsuela (LG 995 2010 E64 Z37)

A no-arbitrage approach to pricing of Flexible Electricity Contracts considering transmission line rentals /Julius Eleazar A. Bunyi (LG 995 2011 E64 bB86)

Computer Science Theses

Analysis of electronic ballot transmission protocols in the applied pi calculus /Danny Francis Wuysang (LG 995 2011 C65 W89)

Combining task-and-role-based access control with multi-constraints for a medical workflow system /Ivy Joy G. Mallare (LG 995 2011 C65 M35)

Social network-aware P2P file distribution /Linda II M. Sarmiento (LG 995 2011 C65 S27)

Multi-objective evolutionary optimization of UVB phototherapy of psoriasis through a 3-dimensional agent-based model /Arjay Caburnay Cayetano (LG 995 2011 C65 C39)

A real-time web-based Delphi study on ICT integration in basic education : framework and implementation model /Kurt Junshean P. Espinosa (LG 995 2011 C65 E87)

Access control for video-based collaborative learning frameworks model /Mae Sincere S. Blanco (LG 995 2011 C65 B53)

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