Full-text access to Science Direct expires this Dec 2011

Faculty and students are advised to maximize the availability of full-text access to ScienceDirect’s Freedom Collection by downloading the journal articles they need for on-going researches.

Aside from the Physical Sciences and Engineering Collection, access to the Freedom collection entitles users to full text privileges in Science Direct journals in all subject collections, particularly for journal titles and issues whose publication date is from 1995 to present. Users can also access the back issues (published before 1995) of the following collections: Chemical Engineering; Energy and Power; Environmental Science; Inorganic Chemistry; Mathematics; Social Science; Forensic Medicine, Pathology & Medical Technology; Orthopedics, Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation; and Public Health & Health Policy.

Access to the Science Direct Freedom Collection is IP-based. However, faculty and graduate students can request for remote access privileges.

To begin your search, please find this link www.sciencedirect.com

Access to the Freedom Collection, will expire this December 2011.

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