New Graduate and Undergraduate Theses at EnggLib1 — October 2011

Graduate Theses

Removal of heavy metals from mining wastewater by using prepared coco peat activated carbon as adsorbent / Keoduangchai Keokhamphui (LG 996 2011 E653 /K46)

Nonlinear static analysis of concrete bearing-wall type, low-rise single-family dwelling structures / Fernando J. Germar (LG 996 2011 E63 /G47)

Undergraduate Theses

Visible light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen production using Cu-doped SrTiO3 / Kristine R. Tolod (LG 995 2011 E65 /T65)

Optimal order policy for a two-stage newsvendor problem with forecast updates and order lead times / Federico Jose S. Rodriguez (LG 995 2011 E66 /R63)

Adsorption mechanism of arsenic ion on iron modified montmorillonite / Michael Leo L. Dela Cruz (LG 995 2011 M37 /D45)

Acetaminophen degradation by electro-fenton and photoelectro-fenton processes using a double cathode electrochemical cell / Mersabel L. Veciana (LG 995 2011 E653 /V43)

Oxidation of acetaminophen by fluidized-bed Fenton process : optimization and kinetic study / Rowena M. Briones (LG 995 2011 E653 /B75)

Inter-municipality translation scheme of best solid waste management practices for Dagupan City / Rishi Arjun Nonnatus P. Llamas (LG 995 2011 E653 /L53)

Synthesis, characterization and performance testing of lauric acid methyl ester as phase change material for low temperature energy storage / Rommel N. Galvan (LG 995 2011 E62 /G35)

Photocatalytic degradation of paraquat over Cu-T1O2/SBA-15 / Maurice G. Sorolla, II (LG 995 2011 E62 /S67)

Removal of arsenic from water using potassium ferrate (K2FeO4) synthesized from sludge as chemical oxidant and coagulant / Vincent Paul G. Monteroso (LG 995 2011 E62 /M66)

Hysteresis in turbulent pipe flow : relating to the modified hagen-poiseuille relation and to observed velocity and pressure profiles / Miguel Francisco M. Remolona (LG 995 2011 E62 /R46)

Carotid artery modeling using the Navier-Stokes equations for an incompressible, Newtonian and axisymmetric flow / Jhalique Jane R. Fojas (LG 995 2011 E62 /F65)

Ultrasonic irradiation combined with hydraulic cleaning of fouled PES and PVDF membranes / Febelyn Tria Reguyal (LG 995 2011 E62 /R44)

Utilizing spectral reflectance and vegetation indices of bougainvillea spectabilis in monitoring particulate air pollution in Metro Manila / Alex S. Olpenda (LG 995 2011 E685 /O44)

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