New Magazines and Journals – January 2010

Time - January 10, 2011

Cover feature :
The Fighter : Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi

Time- December 27, 2010

Cover feature :
Person of the Year : Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

Time – December 20, 2010

Cover feature :
The Best of 2010

Scientific American

Cover feature :
From Your Cells to Stem Cells

Water Science & Technology Volume 62 No. 11/ 2010

Featured articles :

  • Characteristics of DOC concentration with storm density flows in stratified dam reservoir
  • Integrated approach for biofouling
  • Activated bauxite waste as an adsorbent for removal of Acid Blue 92 from aqueous solutions

Water Science & Technology Volume 62 No. 10/ 2010

Featured articles :

  • Modeling a full-scale membrane bioreactor using Activated Sludge Model No. 1: challenges and solutions
  • Enhanced treatment of endocrine disrupting chemicals by granular bed electrochemical reactor
  • Incremental sanitation improvement strategy: comparison of options for Hanoi, Vietnam

Chemical Engineering November 2010

Cover feature :
Process Pump Control

Chemical Engineering Mid-October 2010

Cover feature :
Product and Service Directory 2011

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan – November 2010

Featured articles :

  • Nanoscale morphological design of ZnO crystals grown in aqueous solutions
  • Viscoelastic properties of flocculated alumna suspensions during pressure filtration
  • Characterization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) synthesized by CCVD using zeolite template from acetylene

Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan – October 2010

Featured articles :

  • Improving the optical properties of vinyl-functionalized silica colloidal crystals by thermal annealing
  • Synthesis and phase transition behavior of w-doped VO2(A) nanorods
  • In situ fabrication of TiC/Ti3Al/Ti2AIC composite by spark plasma sintering technology

Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics December 2010

Featured articles :

  • Seismic steel jacketing of rectangular RC bridge columns for the mitigation of lap-splice failures
  • Experiment and analysis of a leverage-type stiffness-controllable isolation system for seismic engineering
  • Bayesian model selection for ARX models and its application to structural health monitoring

Concrete International December 2010

Cover feature :
Specifier’s Product Guide

Concrete International October 2010

Cover feature :
Precast / Prestressed & Post-Tensioned

International Journal of Geoinformatics September 2010

Featured articles :

  • A study of the Gangotri Glacier Retreat in the Himalayas using Landsat Satellite Images
  • GIS for wind energy: a case of UAE
  • Landslide susceptibility assessment using Heuristic statistically method in Kayangan Catchment Kulon Progo Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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