CS & EEE NEW BOOKS: AUGUST 2008 (part 2)



Embedded software

Author Jean Labrosse … [et al.]
Place of Publication Amsterdam
Date of Publication c2008
Publisher Elsevier/Newnes

This book covers the development and testing of embedded software from many different angles and using different programming languages. Optimization of code, and the testing of that code, are detailed to enable readers to create the best solutions on-time and on-budget. Bringing together the work of leading experts in the field, this a comprehensive reference that every embedded developer will need!

Embedded systems architecture : a comprehensive guide for engineers and programmers

Author Tammy Noergaard
Place of Publication Amsterdam
Date of Publication c2005
Publisher Elsevier/Newnes

The topics covered in detail are:
-hardware components, including processors, memory, buses, and I/O
-system software, including device drivers and operating systems
-use of assembly language and high-level languages such as C and Java
-interfacing and networking
-case studies of real-world embedded designs
-applicable standards grouped by system application

The CD-ROM accompanying the text contains source code for the design examples and numerous design tools useful to both students and professionals. A detailed laboratory manual suitable for a lab course in embedded systems design is also provided. Ancillaries also include a solutions manual and technical slides.

Fundamentals of electromagnetic fields : a computer approach

Author S.W. Anwane
Place of Publication Hingham, MA
Date of Publication c2007
Publisher Infinity Science Press

Fundamental concepts of electromagnetic field theory are presented as they relate to modern engineering applications. For practicing engineers or can be used as standard textbook.

Guide to network defense and countermeasures, 2nd ed.

Author Randy Weaver
Place of Publication Australia
Date of Publication c2007
Publisher Course Technology

Guide to Network Defense and Countermeasures, 2E is the second of two books that are required for Level One of the Security Certified Program (SCP). This edition has been revised with updated content and maps clearly to the exam objectives for the current Security Certified Network Professional (SCNP) exam. Although the primary emphasis is on intrusion detection, the book also covers such essential practices as developing a security policy and then implementing that policy by performing Network Address Translation, setting up packet filtering, and installing proxy servers, firewalls, and virtual private networks.

High performance switches and routers

Author H. Jonathan Chao
Place of Publication Hoboken, N.J.
Date of Publication c2007
Publisher John Wiley & Sons

This text presents the latest developments in high performance switches and routers, coupled with step-by-step design guidance.
The authors discuss the main functions of the line cards of a core router, including route lookup, packet classification, and traffic management for quality of service control. The bulk of the text is then dedicated to packet switching designs. Coverage includes the various available architectures, algorithms, and technologies. Among the topics covered, readers will find detailed discussions of the latest innovations in electrical and optical packet switching. The final chapter discusses state-of-the-science commercial chipsets used to build routers. Readers learn their architecture and functions, using the theories and conceptual designs presented in the previous chapters as a foundation.

High-speed VLSI interconnections, 2nd ed.

Author Ashok K. Goel
Place of Publication Hoboken, N.J.
Date of Publication c2007
Publisher Wiley-Interscience

This Second Edition focuses on emerging topics and advances in the field of VLSI interconnections
In the decade since High-Speed VLSI Interconnections was first published, several major developments have taken place in the field. Now, updated to reflect these advancements, this Second Edition includes new information on copper interconnections, nanotechnology circuit interconnects, electromigration in the copper interconnections, parasitic inductances, and RLC models for comprehensive analysis of interconnection delays and crosstalk.

Industrial electricity & motor controls

Author Rex Miller
Place of Publication New York
Date of Publication c2008
Publisher McGraw-Hill

Complete coverage of the entire industrial electrical field from the basics of electricity to equipment, to troubleshooting and repair.

Packed with over 650 illustrations, latest codes and regulations, study questions and review problems.

Interconnection networks : an engineering approach

Author José Duato
Place of Publication San Francisco, CA
Date of Publication c2003
Publisher Morgan Kaufmann

In this book, the authors present in a structured way the basic underlying concepts of most interconnection networks, with representative solutions that have either been implemented in industry or proposed in the research literature.

Interfacing pic microcontrollers : embedded design by interactive simulation

Author Martin Bates
Place of Publication Boston, MA
Date of Publication c2006
Publisher Elsevier

Interfacing PIC Microcontrollers provides a thorough introduction to interfacing techniques for students, hobbyists and engineers looking to take their knowledge of PIC application development to the next level. Each chapter ends with suggestions for further applications, based on the examples given, and numerous line drawings illustrate application of the hardware.

A companion website includes all examples in the text which can be downloaded together with a free version of Proteuss ISIS Lite: www.picmicros.org.uk

Introduction to electronics, 5th ed.

Author Earl D. Gates
Place of Publication Clifton Park, N.Y.
Date of Publication c2007
Publisher Thomson Delmar Learning

* Provides an ideal solution for readers with no prior electronics experience who seek a basic background in DC and AC circuits, Devices, and Digital Circuits
* detailed, step-by-step examples serve to further clarify when and how to use basic formulas and math
* “Career Profiles” at the beginning of each section stimulate interest in further study and/or potential employment in the electronics fields
* Accompanying CD includes interactive tutorials, presentations, and Multisim circuit files

Microcontroller theory and applications : HC12 and S12

Author Daniel J. Pack
Place of Publication Upper Saddle River, N.J.
Date of Publication c2008
Publisher Pearson Prentice Hall

This book provides readers with fundamental assembly language programming skills, an understanding of the functional hardware components of a microcontroller, and skills to interface a variety of external devices with microcontrollers. Chapter topics cover an introduction to the 68HC12, 68HC12 assembly language programming, advanced assembly programming, fuzzy logic, hardware configuration, exception—resets and interrupts, the 68HC12 clock module and standard timer module (TIM), the 68HC12 memory system, analog-to-digital (ATD) converter, and 68HC12 communications system—multiple serial interface. For electrical and computer engineers.

Microsystem design

Author Stephen D. Senturia
Place of Publication Boston
Date of Publication c2001
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers

A textbook for a graduate course in Design and Fabrication of Microelectromechanical Devices, and a useful reference for professionals. Contains a wide range of subject matter dealing with the fundamentals of the field of microelectromechanical engineering. Topics include heat flow, electronics, and dynamics of systems. DLC: Microelectromechanical systems.

Multi-carrier techniques for broadband wireless communications : a signal processing perspective

Author Man-On Pun
Place of Publication London
Date of Publication c2007
Publisher Imperial College Press

Multi-Carrier Techniques for Broadband Wireless Communications provides an accessible introduction to OFDM-based systems from a signal processing perspective. The first part presents a concise treatment of some fundamental concepts related to wireless communications and multicarrier systems, while the second offers a comprehensive survey of recent developments on a variety of critical design issues. These include synchronization techniques, channel estimation methods, adaptive resource allocation and practical schemes for reducing the peak-to-average power ratio of the transmitted waveform.

Contents: Fundamentals of OFDM/OFDMA Systems; Time and Frequency Synchronization; Channel Estimation and Equalization; Joint Synchronization, Channel Estimation and Data Symbol Detection in OFDMA Uplink; Dynamic Resource Allocation; Peak-to-Average Power Ratio (PAPR) Reduction.

Multidimensional signal, image, and video processing and coding

Author John W. Woods
Place of Publication Oxford
Date of Publication c2006
Publisher Academic

Digital images have become mainstream of late notably within HDTV, cell phones, personal cameras, and many medical applications. The processing of digital images and video includes adjusting illumination, manufacturing enlargements/reductions, and creating contrast. This development has made it possible to take long forgotten, badly damaged photos and make them new again with image estimation. It can also help snapshot photographers with image restoration, a method of reducing the influence of an unsteady hand.

Network processors : architectures, protocols, and platforms

Author Panos C. Lekkas
Place of Publication New York
Date of Publication c2003
Publisher McGraw-Hill

Revolutionary network processors are already making sweeping changes in the network design field. Microchips optimized for high-speed communications, they impact everything from switching to security. These programmable chip sets are being rolled out with great fanfare by Intel, IBM, Motorola, Agere and others, but network designers and analysts know very little about them. This book is a very practical education in what these products look like under the hood and how to make the most of them.

– How NP architectures differ from CPUs (Central Processing Units)

– How to analyze protocols, platforms and market forces

– How to plan for a new generation of chips, routers and switches

PIC microcontroller and embedded systems : using Assembly and C for PIC18

Author Muhammad Ali Mazidi
Place of Publication Upper Saddle River, N.J.
Date of Publication c2008
Publisher Pearson Prentice Hall

Offers a systematic approach to PIC programming and interfacing using Assembly and C languages. Offering numerous examples and a step-by-step approach, it covers both the Assembly and C programming languages and devotes separate chapters to interfacing with peripherals such as Timers, LCD, Serial Ports, Interrupts, Motors and more. A unique chapter on hardware design of the PIC system and the PIC trainer round out coverage. Systematic coverage of the PIC18 family of Microcontrollers. Assembly language and C language programming and interfacing techniques. Thorough coverage of Architectures and Assembly language programming of the PIC18. Thorough coverage of C language programming of the PIC18. Separate chapters on programming and interfacing the PIC with peripherals – Includes information on how to interface the PIC with LCD, keyboard, ADC, DAC, Sensors, Serial Ports, Timers, DC and Stepper Motors, Optoisolators, and RTC. Covers how to program each peripheral, first using the Assembly language and then using the C language. Those involved with PIC programming and interfacing using Assembly and C languages.

Principles and practices of interconnection networks

Author William James Dally
Place of Publication Amsterdam
Date of Publication c2004
Publisher Morgan Kaufmann Publishers

This book offers a detailed and comprehensive presentation of the basic principles of interconnection network design, clearly illustrating them with numerous examples, chapter exercises, and case studies. It incorporates hardware-level descriptions of concepts, allowing a designer to see all the steps of the process from abstract design to concrete implementation.
-Case studies throughout the book draw on extensive author experience in designing interconnection networks over a period of more than twenty years, providing real world examples of what works, and what doesn’t.
-Tightly couples concepts with implementation costs to facilitate a deeper understanding of the tradeoffs in the design of a practical network.
-A set of examples and exercises in every chapter help the reader to fully understand all the implications of every design decision.


Fundamentals of Java : AP* computer science essentials for the A and AB exams

Author Kenneth Lambert
Place of Publication Boston, Mass.
Date of Publication c2007
Publisher Thomson/Course Technology

Completely revised and updated, Fundamentals of Java: Comprehensive Course, Third Edition covers all of the AP requirements for Computer Science Exams A and AB. By taking a multilevel approach to teaching Java, this text is suitable for a wide range of students, from beginners to those ready for advanced data structures. Since it is non-software specific, it can be used with any Java program compiler, including Borland, Sun Microsystems, Symantec and others.

Information systems essentials

Author Stephen Haag
Place of Publication Boston
Date of Publication c2006
Publisher McGraw-Hill

A concise, four-color IS concepts book with a lively, contemporary writing style at a student-friendly price. Information Systems Essentials Information Systems Essentials comes with more and better ancillaries than any other essentials text. An additional unique feature is the opening unit, explaining the benefit and impact of IS on each business career. This chapter addresses the frequently-cited problem of effectively showing students the relevance of this course. Information Systems Essentials includes the first nine chapters from Haag MIS 5e, representing what introductory MIS students should definitely know. An appendix includes the two XLMs from Haag MIS 5e: hardware/software and telecommunications.

Linux kernel development, 2nd ed.

Author Robert Love
Place of Publication Indianapolis, Ind.
Date of Publication c2005
Publisher Novell Press

The Linux kernel is one of the most important and far-reaching open-source projects. That is why Novell Press is excited to bring you the second edition of Linux Kernel Development, Robert Love’s widely acclaimed insider’s look at the Linux kernel. This authoritative, practical guide helps developers better understand the Linux kernel through updated coverage of all the major subsystems as well as new features associated with the Linux 2.6 kernel. You’ll be able to take an in-depth look at Linux kernel from both a theoretical and an applied perspective as you cover a wide range of topics, including algorithms, system call interface, paging strategies and kernel synchronization. Get the top information right from the source in Linux Kernel Development.

Management information systems

Author Gerald V. Post
Place of Publication Boston
Date of Publication c2006
Publisher McGraw-Hill

# Problem-Solving Focus: Post goes farther than any other author to show the connection between technology and the business problems it can solve.
# Post goes farther than any other author to show the connection between technology and the business problems it can solve.
# Reality Bytes
# A favorite of all reviewers – this feature provides colorful insight to the sometimes messy and often entertaining reality of implementing IT solutions.
# Comprehensive end-of-chapter cases
# More detailed than any other text, these cases provide MBA-level background and detail.
# Organized around business themes: Infrastructure, Operations/Transactions, Tactics/Strategies, and Organizing Businesses and Systems.
# Allows the instructor to deliver a cohesive and well-organized business theme.
# Chapter opener – each chapter opens with a stated business problem, a lead figure illustrating the problem, and a lead case that exemplifies the implications of the problem on a company.
# Creates a consistent and thorough message that identifying problems is the first step in understanding what technology can be used to resolve them.
# MISource: Allows instructors to avoid “re-teaching” software skills that students should have prior to taking this course.
# Allows instructors to avoid “re-teaching” software skills that students should have prior to taking this course.

Mathematical linguistics

Author András Kornai
Place of Publication London
Date of Publication c2008
Publisher Springer

Introduces the mathematical foundations of linguistics to computer scientists, engineers, and mathematicians interested in natural language processing. This book covers an array of topics including phonology and morphology, probabilistic approaches, complexity, learnability, and the analysis of speech and handwriting.

Modern systems analysis and design

Author Jeffrey A. Hoffer
Place of Publication Upper Saddle River, N.J.
Date of Publication c2008
Publisher Pearson Prentice Hall

Complex, challenging, and stimulating, this book addresses information system analysis and design; it is full of information that shows the organizational process that a team of business and systems professionals use to develop and maintain computer-based information systems. It stresses the importance of responding to and anticipating problems through innovative uses of information technology. The book provides an excellent foundation for systems development, then goes on to making the business case, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance. For future systems analysts, or for those information technology that need a great resource for implementing new ideas and strategies for success.

Multimedia watermarking techniques and applications

Author Borko Furht
Place of Publication Boca Raton, FL
Date of Publication c2006
Publisher Auerbach Publications

Intellectual property owners must continually exploit new ways of reproducing, distributing, and marketing their products. However, the threat of piracy looms as a major problem with digital distribution and storage technologies. Multimedia Watermarking Techniques and Applications covers all current and future trends in the design of modern systems that use watermarking to protect multimedia content. Containing the works of contributing authors who are worldwide experts in the field, this volume is intended for researchers and practitioners, as well as for those who want a broad understanding of multimedia security. In the wake of the explosive growth of digital entertainment and Internet applications, this book is the definitive resource on the subject for scientists, researchers, programmers, engineers, business managers, entrepreneurs, and investors.

New perspectives on computer concepts : introductory, 10th ed.

Author June Jamrich Parsons
Place of Publication Boston, Mass.
Date of Publication c2008
Publisher Thomson/Course Technology

Be engaged, excited and enlightened with the New Perspectives on Computer Concepts, Tenth Edition. This book has been completely updated to provide you with the latest, most in-depth information on both computer concepts and the context in which they fit into todayas world. The Tenth Edition provides the most current information on computers, software, the Internet, and emerging issues and technologies. The New Perspectives unique approach transforms learning concepts into a more approachable, hands-on experience that appeals to anyone, from the computer novice to computer savvy learners.

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