EEE Reserve Books in EnggLib1 already RELOCATED to ENGGLIB2


We are glad to inform you that the following EEE reserve books from Engineering Library I were already transferred to the College of Engineering Library II and now available at the Reserve Section:

  • Introduction to robotics, mechanics, and control (2005) by Craig
  • Linear control system analysis and design (1995) by D’Azzo & Houpis
  • Modern control systems (2005) by Dorf
  • Pattern classification (2001) by Duda … [et al.]
  • Coding and information theory (1980) by Hamming
  • Process control instrumentation technology (2003) by Johnson
  • Automatic control systems (1995) by Kuo
  • Discrete-time control systems (1995) by Ogata
  • Probability, random variables, and stochastic processes (1984) by Papoulis
  • Probability, random variables, and random signal principles (2001) by Peebles
  • Digital control system analysis and design (1995) by Phillips
  • Fields and waves in communication electronics (1994) by Ramo
  • Fundamentals of semiconductor theory and device physics (1989) by Wang

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