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Expedite your IP research and be confident in your decisions with Thomson Innovation®, the leading IP intelligence and collaboration platform. Thomson Innovation combines the most relevant content, easy-to-use productivity and collaboration tools, and powerful analysis and visualization tools thatsave you time and improve the quality of your IP research. And with Thomson Innovation, you have the unique ability to incorporate your own data with global patent data – letting you research IP on your own terms.

Access the Most Relevant and Comprehensive Global Data to Support Your IP Research at UP College of Engineering Library

Thomson Innovation gives you the best view of activity in worldwide markets by providing the most relevant, comprehensive collections ofglobal patent data, including unmatched English-language coverage of the Asia-Pacific region. Plus, the inclusion of scientific literature, business information and news content – all in one platform – helps you quickly conduct the most thorough IP research possible.

Coverage includes:

• Derwent world Patents Index®, helping youfind innovations that you would otherwise miss and quickly determine the novelty of an invention

• Superior English-language coverage of the Asia-Pacific region, giving you clear insight into this booming and critical market

• Unrivaled coverage of the world’s most important patent authorities, ensuring the most thorough research

• NewsRoomtM from thomson Reuters, the world’s most comprehensive collection of news, business and trade publications, along with scientific literature, extending the scope of your IP research

Please feel free to visit EnggLib or email us at library[at]engglib[dot]upd[dot]edu[dot]ph



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